The World of Energy Drinks

In just 2021, the American energy drink economy brought in an astonishing $14 billion (USD). On an upward trend, this year-end sum is up three billion dollars from 2017’s total of $11 billion (USD). This proves the expanding profitability of energizing beverages.

Energy drinks are on a steady rise while energy shots are suffering a fall. With the market value of energy shots on the decline, 2020 brought in $978 million (USD) while last year, the industry made a total of $824 million (USD). Ongoing research suggests that consumers have less need for the impulsive downing of energy shots with reduced store visits. The pandemic-induced decline in sales also reduced these checkout line buys.

Many people are unaware of the difference between energy and pre-workout drinks. The distinguishing traits make all the difference in catering to your needs. Energy drinks augment energy and attentiveness, predominantly via caffeine, while pre-workout beverages do increase energy, but primarily enhance muscular efficiency and engagement. Usually made with greater amounts of caffeine than energy drinks, pre-workout drinks also contain a more diverse variety of additives for flavor, muscular recovery, and for better endurance. Top energy drink brands include Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster. Dominant pre-workout companies are EFX Sports, Finaflex, and BSN, though a few companies produce both. If you’re seeking a moderate pre-workout drink, with fewer physical supplements and reduced caffeine content, or an energy drink with a few performance and health-conscious perks or slightly increased caffeine volume, Raze, Adrenaline Shock, Bang, and Celsius offer products that satiate these needs.

Unlock the world of energy drinks for yourself, and savor the stimulation that follows.