Building Relationships with New Managers

For new managers, coming into an existing team of employees may seem like a difficult task but gaining respect and loyalty from employees can be very simple. Let’s be honest, if employees don’t trust their manager the company usually suffers, because employees will only do the amount of work needed to keep their job. Keeping these next suggestions in mind can help new managers build healthy professional relationships with their new employees. Here are some sure fire ways that can help any manager integrate into the workplace and create more passionate employees.

Establishing trust is a great start when it comes to creating a positive work relationship with employees. This can mean talking to employees instead of at them, making sure both parties are on the same page and that employees know what is expected of them. Managers should also be honest and open about any changes that are about to be made that may or may not impact employees. Gestures of kindness can also go a long way in the workplace, managers who take time out of their schedules to help out their employees are largely respected, while the ones who don’t usually are not.

Being respectful is very important when it comes to creating new relationships with your new employees and first impressions are everything. A great tip, legal advisor Diego Ruiz Duran has learned when taking care of clients is that “relationships will always blossom where there is honesty and openness.” This can be applied directly to workplace relationships as well. Listening to employees, caring about what they have to say, making eye contact and acknowledging your own faults can make for not only better performance but better engagement from employees as well.

Duran meets new clients on a regular basis and just like managers he has to build a trusting relationship with his clients so that all parties are content and focused on the task at hand. For him this means prioritizing every client with one-on-ones, like a manager would prioritize and supervise their staff. Diego Ruiz Duran also addresses the goals that need to be met so there is no confusion, like a manager would do at a first meeting with their new employees. During the meeting this can give the manager time to ask and actively listen to employee questions and if possible follow up with an action that shows that the employees were heard.

Employees cannot meet standards if they have no idea what the expectations of their manager are, but with these tips getting to know employees and creating a lasting positive relationship with them can take both parties very far. Being respectful, creating trust with and listening to employees will lead to a more successful and less stressed workplace. When employees feel heard, see changes, and feel appreciated, managers can expect quality work. Happy employees make for an even happier, more productive workplace so be a manager that encourages growth, learns from mistakes, asks as many questions as they give answers.