How Female-Owned Businesses like BFrank Coaching are Making a Mark on the Fitness Industry

It’s a story we hear again and again: a woman you know joins a gym or signs up for a fitness program in the hopes of shredding fat, leaning out, and/or improving her overall physical performance. 

But the actual program itself ends up being a bad fit. In such a male-dominated space like the fitness industry, she just might not “click” with her trainers, or find that her own needs aren’t being realistically met. The program might in fact be targeting the right muscle groups, but do little to address her unique needs and challenges. 

So she ends up quitting halfway through and set out on the search for yet another fitness program. And the cycle continues, with no real progress being made in the long run. 

The problem might not be the individual at all. The problem could just be that she isn’t finding the right programs that tailor to what she needs. Ultimately, she isn’t being empowered to take control of her own health. 

The answer might lie in finding a female-owned fitness business instead. A good female-owned coaching business could redirect your focus, help you dig deep and find your needs, and tailor a program that both pushes you and cheers you on every step of the way. 

BFrank Coaching is a woman-owned and operated business that just might fit the bill here. Founder Bri Franklin, a certified nutritionist and health educator, takes her own knowledge and experiences (along with a heavy dose of empathy and understanding!) to change the lives of her clients. 

She helps them make meaningful mindset changes so that they can finally live the fit, healthy lives that they’ve been fighting for. In short: a female-owned fitness program like BFrank Coaching could very well be the last fitness program you’ll ever need! 

Why Having a Female Coach Makes a Difference 

Across industries, female business owners are making their mark in spaces that have been traditionally run by (and tailored to) men. And time and time again, these woman-run companies are proving to make positive impacts on the lives of the users who utilize them.

Take Bumble, for example. The popular dating app, which was founded by Whitney Wolf Herde, was created largely to respond to all the negative experiences that women dealt with on other more male-centric dating apps like Tinder. This woman-run business was designed to create a safe and comfortable space for women – and it met the need! Now a global giant, Bumble continues to be a favorite for women seeking a comfortable, safe way to connect. 

The same gender-gap issues apply in the health and fitness industries. Even though many women are interested in working out and improving their health, many gyms are still largely male-dominated spaces. Unfortunately, this can be a huge roadblock to women who just want to work out without intimidation, unwanted “advice,” and even harassment. They might even sign up for a personal trainer only to find that their program isn’t tailored to their personal goals and doesn’t take their needs into consideration. 

So more female-centric fitness businesses are a great solution here. As evidenced by the increasing popularity of female-only gyms, many women find that having a female health professional at their side empowers them more than a traditional approach would. It allows them to focus on their goals and their health without feeling shut out or limited. 

Having a female coach and health educator like Bri Franklin can accomplish the same thing. Rather than signing on for yet another generic program, using a woman-owned coaching program like Bri’s BFrank Coaching lets you work with someone who has been there and understands many of the struggles that we (and especially women) face on their journey to take control of their health. 

A good woman-owned coaching program like BFrank Coaching can help you reach your fitness goals because you get more than just basic health knowledge: you get a cheerleader and mentor as well. When a program is run by a like-minded individual who has been there herself, your own unique needs and considerations are kept in mind. These coaches understand all of the emotions and insecurities that can come during a major lifestyle change. As such, their programs can provide a “safe space” to learn and grow. 

In short, you gain access to someone who knows how to boost your confidence and push you in ways that are actually productive, so that you can finally get to your goals. 

You don’t have to be a woman to benefit from a woman-owned business, either! Using a program like Bri’s, which focuses on mindset and not muscles, can give you a much-needed change in perspective when other programs just have not been working in the past. 

Who is Bri Franklin? 

When it comes to experiences in the health and fitness space, Bri Franklin has been there. 

Bri was athletic and physically active from the start, but she began to notice a change when she started university. Her poor nutrition and bad eating habits were starting to catch up to her, even though she was so active. Her relationship with food and fitness began to shift when she started doing CrossFit. Still, it took many years for her to fully understand that she couldn’t just spend more time in the gym to “make up” for her time outside of it. 

She found that so much of her health came down to making meaningful progress with her lifestyle and her habits – and now she’s passing that knowledge along to others who are in the same boat. 

As a certified nutritionist with ISSN and a Precision Nutrition coach, Bri has plenty of knowledge on all things health, nutrition, and fitness. But more importantly, she uses her own experiences 

struggling with body image, food, and fitness to shape her coaching program.

Why Bri’s Coaching Program is a Step Above 

BFrank Coaching is not a “weight loss program” in the traditional sense. She doesn’t give you a set meal plan to follow or walk you through a specific workout routine. Rather, Bri’s coaching program works by teaching you the fundamentals of healthy living, then showing you how to incorporate those fundamentals into your daily life. 

There are three different options for signing up with BFrank Coaching: 

  • A 1-on-1 program, where you work closely with Bri to address your needs and map out your plans to hit your goals 
  • A small group program, where you learn about your body and mind with a comprehensive learning module, then discuss with Bri and a small group 
  • A self-guided formula, where you follow a comprehensive learning module at your own pace 

Bri approaches from a place of understanding and education, not shame or stress. As a female business owner, she knows all too well the common pitfalls that can get in the way of your health like stress, poor sleep quality, and time management. So instead of just teaching you the core concepts and leaving you to your own devices, Bri’s holistic program is tailored to address your needs as an individual human being. 

After all, as Bri says: nutrition is not about food. It’s about people!