Choosing the Best Small Business Printer for Your Business

Printing is an integral part of many small businesses. In fact, 50% of businesses say they would not be able to operate without their printers. While digital documents are gaining popularity, many businesses still choose printed paper because it encourages longer attention spans and stronger working memory for their customers. Even so, many businesses use consumer-grade printers rather than investing in a device that is meant to withstand the needs of businesses, and this can be detrimental to their productivity. 

Consumer-grade printers are often not equipped to print the amount of papers small businesses need each day. 53% of businesses own printers that break once a month which leads them to spend thousands of dollars either repairing them or purchasing brand new ones. If a business chooses to repair their printer, they can wait days or weeks before they can print all of their necessary papers again. Most consumer-grade printers also use ink cartridges which are very expensive and are terrible for the environment. 

Choosing the best small business printer can solve the problems small businesses are facing. They are able to keep up with the needs of businesses while also saving business owners money by avoiding monthly repair fees or purchases. Many business printers also use laser toner rather than color ink which is better for the environment, prints faster, and saves money. You can learn more about the benefits of business-grade printers in the infographic below:

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought