Best Real Estate Markets in the United States

If you’re in the market for a nice, big house here are some locations you should check out. These housing markets are the best for 2020 and will certainly save you big bucks in the long run. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Believe it or not, the home of country music might be the best place to settle down. Investors are swinging down to Nashville because the prices are cheaper than ever. On Zillow, you can see that between $100,000-$200,000, there are a lot of beautiful properties. Shalom Lamm, a New York Realtor, certainly agrees that finding something with a 5 bedroom house in the empire state with a thin budget is hard to come by. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Now, it might be strange to move your family to the casino capital of the world but it may be worth it once you see the prices. If you like the desert, hot weather, and an occasional girl/boys night out, this place might be for you. With tourism down because of the pandemic, landlords are almost begging for property rentals and that could eventually lead to buying. 

Austin, Texas

As you can imagine, Texas has always had a good housing market. Why? Well, it’s cheap and it’s high-quality construction. A huge mansion would only cost a couple of about $350,000. A house, 3-4 bedroom, pool, could be around $150,000- $250,000. It would be silly not to invest in Texas. However, remember the minimum wage is a lot less in southern states so it’s recommended to save as much as you can before packing up.

Atlanta, Georgia

Money seems to be growing on trees almost as much as peaches, down in Georgia. Just kidding, but don’t we wish. It’s truly magnificent that some million dollar looking homes are in the budget for working-class individuals. Rates aren’t going too far up where it isn’t a manageable move. With medium-sized homes running from about $300,000-$400,00, Atlanta has seen an influx of people. 
It’s not easy choosing a permanent residence during a pandemic. Shalom Lamm is confident that the market will pick back up. It’s time to be patient, move down south, or build savings accounts.