Best Office Technology To Invest In

Investing in professional technology, computers, hardware, and software is one key benefits to being more productive and keeps people responsive in a competitive era where there seem not be enough hours in the day.Here are several office technology to consider:

#1. And encrypted office messenger system

This one is easy, and believe it or not, it’s free.

Being able to communicate instantly whether you are working from home or working from the office is vitally important to almost any business organization. Fortunately, What’s Up, Viper, Line, and Telegram are completely free and provide end to end encryption.

The only cautionary note is to make sure you understand how the encryption actually works with the app. Some messenger apps require you to actually go into the settings and turn encryption on. However, What’s Up, Viper, Line, and Telegram don’t require it.

For added security, some apps allow you to erase a message minutes after it has been received, or require an additional OCR code to verify identity.

Smartphones for key personnel

While office computers may be the piece of hardware needed for important cloud-based software such as Excel or Microsoft word are perhaps the meat and potatoes of the company, smartphones are the essential technological hardware for 2020 and beyond.

Powerful smartphones that have a sufficient amount of ram, at a minimum of 128 GB of ram, and perhaps even 256 Bytes of ram may be necessary for many key execs who are continually on the run and need to access key data quickly.

Universally recognized software

There is no question that in order for a modern office to run well, you need to use universally accepted programs.

Let’s say a company sends out several thousand invoices a month. When it sends out those invoices, it needs to be sure that it uses a popular program like Microsoft Word that is universally accepted by business,

Cloud-based, industry standards like Microsoft Word and Excel are essential to a professional business.

Collaborative based program

The benefits of collaboration among co-workers are absolutely essential. There are few stars that can do it all in an office, and many projects require a collaborative effort among perhaps half a dozen people, oftentimes working from several different locations requires collaborative programs such as Microsoft 365 or Slack. Programs that encourage collaboration are well worth their cost, according to Judge Napolitano.

Contract Management Systems

Contract Lifecycle Management is crucial for any business looking to minimize their costs and increase their efficiency. CLM is best done with the help of a Contract Management System which can provide a centralized repository for contracts, automate contract compliance monitoring, streamline internal processes, and make collaboration easy.

Digital Voice Assistants

Digital voice assistants are still used primarily in the consumer market but there are many potentials in using them for the office. Instead of a manager personally getting firing up his computer and searching for five minutes to locate a vital email or a document, he could just ask his digital voice assistant to locate it for him and forward it to key personnel while he or she occupies themselves with more vital matters.

Telephone communication systems

Finally, don’t forget the telephone communication systems. Though decidedly low-tech in their original format, most telephone communication systems have advanced significantly.

In particular, systems that routinely route calls to the right section of your company are often critical to enhanced efficiency.