Best New Job in 2020: Real Estate

Although unemployment records have skyrocketed, there are still jobs that have kept people employed throughout it. The Real Estate market has taken a positive turn as people got sick with the virus. As the pandemic worsened, many people decided to pack their bags and move out of their city homes. Many city suburbs have been booming thanks to COVID-19 according to Real Estate professional, Shalom Lamm.

It doesn’t take long for a large, city-based family to want to move out of fear from the virus. With the cities being heavily populated, social distancing is made very difficult, especially for young children. So as they move out, more jobs are becoming available to sellers. The housing market has never been as bad back in 2009. Anything from then on in an improvement. People have been starting to look into careers in real estate because of how well the market is doing. Getting a real estate license takes some work but it’s very manageable. With the right amount of training success is sure to come your way. As markets change, it’s important to remain fluid in real estate education. Doing research before applying to any major job is critical. Anyone can be successful in real estate as long as they have the right amount of dedication, according to Shalom Lamm. It is certainly a great career for anyone interested in selling and flipping houses.