Best Electronics To Gift For Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a special time of year when families gather around the dinner table and light menorahs. It is a time honored Jewish Holiday that is treasured by so many families across the world. What to gift someone for Hanukkah is always a difficult one to answer. This year in particular gifting a Jewish family member or friend the gift of technology would be a great idea. With so many families not able to see each other it is a more important year than ever to try to stay connected. Cory Harow recommends checking out small businesses to buy from during the pandemic. 

To help families stay connected during the holiday season the idea of giving someone a gift that allows them to have access to zoom or FaceTime is a perfect way to go. If you have a budget that allows it then gifting someone access to the ability to video another person that would be cherished. The newest model of iPad would let them FaceTime, zoom their family. There are different price ranges and options for iPads depending on whom your buying for. It would also be beneficial as it would be a Mobile device that they could carry to the bed or couch and have a long conversation with members of the family. iPads are great for the older generation because they can play simple games to fill their day as well as stay connected. The younger generation is also very appreciative of the mobility of an iPad. They love the access to games and apps as well. Traditional laptops are also a good option for helping people stay connected with family members. Laptops are a great choice for the younger college or high school age generation as well. With all the classes being currently held online it is important for them to have a dependable and solid platform to do the schoolwork on.

If your budget is smaller and you still want to be able to gift technology there are still many options to do so. A great idea for your Jewish friend or family member would be a digital photo frame. Digital photo frames are fabulous for both friends and family. If you have a good friend that you have shared nights out with or trips with then it is a good way to keep those memories alive. Especially now that most people have been away from their friends this year. It will bring a smile to their face during this Hanukkah Season. Family members like grandparents treasure seeing their grandchildren. Download some photos and give them a special surprise.

Whatever gift you choose this Hanukkah Season it should be thought out and bring a smile to their faces, according to Cory Harow . It doesn’t matter what budget is available there is always a gift that can be accomplished. This year especially when so many people are away from each other technology will be a true blessing for Hanukkah. Young and old can both enjoy the gift of connecting with family members or friends during this difficult year.