Benjamin Cory Harow Explains Why Social Media is Unhealthy

Doctor Benjamin Cory Harow thinks that social Media can damage people’s health and has a long lasting impact. There are many sources of this problem especially because of how new it is and the way different people are embracing it. Many like Social Media because it helps a person stay connected. It can be an important tool for staying in touch with loved ones and friends. People need companionship. Unfortunately, if you use it too often you might experience depression or anxiety. Some people will utilize social media in order to hide from the world. If we’re around others it helps with our mental health. Your habits on the internet are important and relevant if you’re on social media and have feelings of dissatisfaction or sadness. For example, you may start to feel like you have an inadequate life or appearance. Images can be manipulated online and you may feel insecure about how you look or what may be occurring in your life.

Different individuals will experience things in certain ways throughout different time periods. There is no set amount of time that you can spend on social media or how many posts that you make that will tell you if it’s unhealthy. You may use social media more than going out with friends locally or perhaps are distracted and there’s peer-pressure to post regular content or get comments or likes. People tend to share the highlights of their life and not the low points. Stress is usually reduced and your mood is usually boosted with eye contact coming from a person who cares about you. In addition, teenagers will at times report being bullied through social media from other classmates. Twitter is notorious for spreading lies and rumors. Lastly, excessive social media use by sharing your innermost thoughts and selfies can cause a person to have an unhealthy self-centeredness.

Dr. Benjamin Cory Harow is an Emergency Medicine Specialist in Florida with 20 years in the Medical Field. He suggests that people should spend more time with others and to avoid spending too much time with social media. He states that excessive use leads people having worse relationships with each other and many experience a fear of missing out in other areas of their life. Many people who use social media experience sleep problems or insomnia. Many people will check their accounts before they go to sleep at night. It’s a good practice to avoid using any of your accounts a few hours before you go to sleep to ensure that you can process how your day went. It’s best not to bring your mobile device to bed at all and disable social media notifications. Make sure to use social media for the right reasons.