Benefits of a Freelancing Career

Benefits of a Freelancing Career

In today’s work arena, it seems that a large percentage of people are making that leap to leave their regular “9 to 5” and step into the world of freelancing. Freelancing or becoming a Freelancer is more popular now than ever before. The Pandemic of 2020 may be a contributing factor; however, even before the pandemic the numbers were increasing in regards to people who started freelancing as a side hustle or just testing the waters to eventually leave that regular job and start a business of their own. For starters, let’s ensure that everyone understands what is freelancing or what is a freelancer. Well, freelancing is simply working as an independent contractor or company rather than being a wage earner or employee being employed by some other company or person. Freelancer, one who does the freelancing, is self-employed and is sometimes known as a contract worker, 1099 worker, contract consultant; moreover, some other terms that are used in reference to freelance is contract job, contract to hire, independent contractor. But, by any name or term, the bottom line is that a freelancing/freelancer is one who works for themselves. And, here we will take a look at the benefits of a freelancing career. In fact, Shalom Lamm who is an entrepreneur and businessman thinks there are plenty of benefits to having a career in freelancing. Let’s see.


First, more freedom to set one’s workload and the hourly rate of pay. When taking a look at a contract or job, one has the ability to accept or decline an offer for work especially if it does not pay what is acceptable. Most importantly, one also sets their own work hours. If one is an early bird, one can get up as early as they like and get to work or if one is a night owl, then work can stay up as late as they like or even get started as late as they prefer. The hours are flexible and one can set more of a palatable work – life balance as long as the contract is fulfilled.

Next, one is actually managing themselves. There is no boss setting a dress code, setting a schedule, choosing one’s workload, nor requiring any of the many other managerial rules. One does the rule making and setting of all requirements.

Another benefit of a freelancing career is the flexibility of location. There is no requirement as to where one will work. The pandemic of 2020 showed just how easy, in most cases, it was to work remotely from home or wherever, and that is just what a freelancer can do all the time, anytime. A freelancer can even be on the road travelling and get work done. In this innovative technological world, a lot of freelance work can be done digitally.

Last, it seems that Shalom Lamm is right. There are plenty of benefits of freelancing as there is no way to name them all here, but compensation is another major benefit as one sets their own price.