Becoming a Nurse Coach

For many RNs nursing is more than a simple career. It is a passion. Why else would they embark on a career path that involved long days and nights on their feet for remuneration that is not comparable to other professional careers? The truth of the matter is that nurses are driven by more than money. They contribute to the health and emotional well-being of patients, in addition to administering much-needed medical treatments.

However, there is a significant number of the three million registered nurses in the United States who have become disillusioned with a modern medical practice that tends to focus almost exclusively on the treatment of physical symptoms. These nurses have realized that treating the whole body provides patients with the tools that they need to enjoy a better quality of life and speed their path to recovery and ease the challenges of becoming, once again a valued member of both family structures and the community.

Why Become a Nurse Coach?

The Transformative Nurse Coach Certification Program from The Nurse Coach Collective provides nurses with the specialized skills to work closely and more intimately with their patients in order to maximize patient recovery and benefit from an enhanced quality of life. They treat not only physical symptoms but also provide guidance on issues such as healthy eating habits, wellbeing, mindfulness, optimizing sleep patterns, enhancing mobility and movement, and dealing with relationship issues, 

helping patients to be in control of their own well-being and meet the holistic challenges that they face on the path to recovery.

The nurse coaching program from The Nurse Coach Collective has been developed by nurses to meet the requirements of the latest trend in holistic care – and enhance the professional lives of those who obtain certification.

The nurse coach field is a relatively new one – but there are thousands of nurses that have been accredited and are today active in helping patients with issues relating to their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Why Become a Nurse Coach?

Aside from being the next step in career development a nursing coach qualification allows nurses to rediscover their passion for their chosen careers. It is a tremendously rewarding process that adds value not only to the lives of those who achieve certification – but also to the continued well-being of their patients.

However, there are also more tangible benefits to becoming a nurse coach. The nursing market is a tremendously competitive one. Those in search of their ideal placement will need to compete with many others for that position – and a nurse coach accreditation provides a distinct competitive advantage.

The Transformative Nurse Coaching program is certified and nationally recognized by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC). This certification depends on the nurse being able to prove competencies and demonstrate ongoing learning, criteria that the nurse coach program meets and exceeds. 

The seven-month nurse coaching course is online (with supporting material such as video) and this has a variety of advantages. The most important of these is the ability to work full-time and still study towards the qualification. That journey is also made easier by the availability of qualified nurse coaches who are only a phone call away – and ready to help those studying overcome any challenges they might have. There is also a vibrant online forum where qualified nurse coaches can provide guidance, and (if needed) emotional support during the journey to becoming a more well-rounded nursing practitioner.

What is Required?

Of course, the journey to becoming an accredited nurse coach will require diligence and discipline during the process. However, all that is required in terms of pre-qualification is that the registered nurse is in possession of an active, unrestricted license as an RN. It does not matter what area of specialization you have focused on, or how long you have been practicing as a nurse. A license that fulfills the qualification criteria is all that is required to start your journey towards a more rewarding nursing career – and the self-fulfillment that you may have been lacking due to the restrictions of modern medical practice.

The practice of modern medicine and its almost exclusive practice of treating symptoms rather than the entire body and mind is long overdue for disruption. As a nurse coach you will be at the forefront of creating a new paradigm for nursing – and ensuring that patients receive the holistic care that they require in order to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

However, you will not only be empowering patients but also enjoy a reinvigorated and focused attitude towards your chosen profession. You will be able to exercise your passion, creativity, and skills to make a real difference in your own life.

If you are interested in changing your mindset, taking that next step towards success, and providing patients with much need guidance then make that free call to The Nurse Coach Collective where a qualified nurse coach will be able to answer any questions you might have about this leading qualification.