Attention Entrepreneurs: Tips for Entering into a Niche Market

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If you are planning to launch your own business, it is much easier to penetrate a niche market than a mainstream sector, where competition is intense. This really helps with marketing, as your target group is already defined and you would have fewer rivals, although it is important to have special knowledge of the sector.

Here are a few tips from the business guru to help you set up a niche business.

  • Web Design – This is very much your shop window, the place where online consumers will be directed and it should therefore be professionally designed. Here is a great example of a niche market website,, a leading dealer in high quality swords and ceremonial knives. Notice the layout; top menus that clearly list the various pages that are fast loading and easy to navigate, so do hire a web designer and make sure your content is of high quality.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Known as SEO, this is a critical service that makes your website more visible to Google and other search engines. It is much easier to boost the rankings of a niche website; insert popular search terms into your website and post many blogs that have carefully placed links and key terms, which Google will recognise.
  • Making the Right Connections – This is critical with a niche market, as there is normally an exclusive circle of dealers, collectors and you can make an introduction by joining a few Facebook private groups that are related to your chosen sector. List your business with related federations and associations for added credibility and use the Internet to interact with other enthusiasts. Make up some nice business cards and take the time to go to trade fairs, auctions and collector’s meetings that are related to your business, handing out your cards to interested parties. While you can do a lot online, you can’t beat face-to-face contact and Google will help you to find out the dates and places that your target group meet and you can start to create relationships that will prove to be invaluable.
  • Create a Brochure – While your business card is one way to encourage people to make contact, designing a small brochure with a lot of important information will give people a clearer idea of what it is that you do. Don’t hand them out like flyers, rather reserve them for interested parties (quality printing is not cheap). Put a digital copy on your website, a PDF file can easily be downloaded by users, which adds to your exposure. Click here for 10 things every startup should have.
  • Social Media – This very powerful set of platforms can help you in so many ways; create a Facebook page and a Twitter account and post quality content that is industry related to engage users. According to a Facebook advertising agency in London, you should also join all the Facebook groups related to your business and interact with other group members, which will cement your place in the group. Offering advice is an important aspect of running a niche business, as many people are eager to learn about their hobby or passion.
  • Take a Look at your Competitors – It is a smart move to see what you can find online about any and all of your rivals. They might be doing good things that can help you, or you might see a need that has yet to be filled; knowing about your competitors helps you to hone your services and that has to be a good thing. If you can offer something that none of your rivals have, this will always give you the edge; it might be a service that is second to none, or free advice; something that sets you apart from other providers.
  • Google Business Tools – Google has an array of tools for businesses that can help you in many ways; register your business with Google, create a sitemap and send it to them, as this will boost your rankings within Google searches. We suggest making contact with a digital marketing agency, one that has extensive experience in niche market sectors, as they will be able to help you in many ways.
  • Define your Target Audience – Take the time to define groups of people who are more likely to be interested in your sector and this will help you to create the right ads to get your message to the right people. The thing about niche markets is, it is easy to spend money to reach those who are not in your spectrum and you need to avoid falling into this trap. Talk to a leading digital marketing agency and they can help you compile an aggressive marketing plan that delivers results.

If you do your research and homework, it should be relatively easy to penetrate a niche market and we hope the above advice goes some way towards making your venture a success.