At Home Workouts, Do They Do the Trick?

At Home Workouts During the Covid-19 Pandemic

At home workouts…do they work?

Of course they do! A lot of people always make the excuse that they do not have the time to workout after a long day of work and with all the responsibilities they have at home. Now, during the pandemic, there are literally hundreds of ways to work on physical fitness while being home during the day from work.

Helen Lee Schifter writes about how social media has impacted the world of health and fitness. With so many fitness apps and YouTube videos, there is never a loss for ways to workout at home. But sometimes sorting through all of these options can seem a bit daunting. The trick is to just find something that we enjoy. It could be a yoga routine or a cardio workout. For people who enjoy dancing and music, there are even videos and apps geared towards dance as exercise in a zumba-like fashion. Whatever the preference, there is something out there to help work on getting into better physical shape. Also this works as a great form of stress relief. We all are experiencing increased levels of stress during the Covid-19 pandemic, and sometimes, a little bit of exercise is all we need to reduce that stress.

Another good thing about focusing on physical fitness during a time like this, is that it helps maintain a schedule and routine. It can be difficult to work from home and balance out the priorities and responsibilities we have both insides and outside the home. By spending a little bit of time each day on exercise, it can help regain mental clarity that is needed to focus on other tasks, either around the house, or related to work.

For those who were regular gym goers before the pandemic, they may be thinking to themselves, “will an at home workout really work?” Now that the gyms are closed, some people may think that it’s impossible to get the same quality of workout as can be had inside of a full scale gym. While this concern is valid, it is not necessarily true. it’s possible to get just as good of a workout at home, as can be had in any gym, fitness center, or health club. The important thing is to keep the intensity level the same, and keep regular and frequent with the workouts. So don’t be shy to keep exercising in a nontraditional way.
Physical fitness is important to not only physical health, but mental health as well. If it is neglected, it can have a negative impact on any individual. In order to keep physically fit and mentally healthy during this difficult time, consider making time to perform at home workouts whenever possible. If assistance is needed, there are numerous health and fitness apps that can be a guide through a yoga class, weight training, cardio, Zumba, or any type of exercise that can be imagined. Most importantly, make the time for “me”-time.