As CEO of, Liu Qiangdong Addresses the Top Three 2020 Business Trends

Business trends are always changing, and those who want to be successful need to also change with time. Liu Qiangdong, Chairman and CEO of, understands this. To keep everything moving forward and increase the level of success, focused on three of the top business trends in 2020 in order to improve the company’s customer relationships and continue to create a higher value proposition when working with clients and customers. These business trends are still important in 2021, as moves into new realms and continues to build upon the groundwork it has already established.

The Implementation of Digitalization

Digitalization is among the largest and most significant trends for CEO Liu Qiangdong always stresses not only the importance of serving the customer but also the value of using technology as a part of that service. As he worked to create the company that would become known as, he focused on the experience customers were having when they began to move their shopping online. One of the issues noticed was the lack of technological innovation offered by far too many companies, which led to a poor customer experience and a lot of frustration.

But there were ways to change that, and making sure digitization was used to its fullest potential was a big part of the focus for the company in 2020. A lot of companies were planning to increase their digitization, but the pandemic got in their way. It also slowed down the manufacturing supply chain, which meant that more customers were turning to online options. More digitization was needed, and it had to appear even faster than expected in the past. Fortunately, Liu Qiangdong and the team at knew what to do and how to put the focus on digitization to offer the timely support that was needed during a worldwide crisis situation.

Extensive Service Processes and Business Cooperation

When a business deal is made, that’s not the end of things. It’s only the beginning, and understands that. By working diligently with customers and clients, Liu Qiangdong and others at the company have been able to advance their business relationships and accelerate the level of cooperation seen between their company and others. In October of 2020, the company introduced service solutions with integrated technology, in order to provide companies with more of what they want and need. Extending these solutions beyond one procurement area has led to stronger relationships and more accomplishments.

But that’s not all that is doing to provide more service and cooperate more fully with their business partners. The company has also leveraged its MRO ecommerce platform in order to provide diversification in service categories. That helps when providing goods for factories, and also makes it easier for customers to get what they are looking for from the company in an efficient and timely manner. The deepening level of cooperation the company has with others allows it to increase its professional service level and address manufacturing scenarios more fully for the future.

A Deeper Level of Business Servicing

Business servicing is the third business trend that Liu Qiangdong and have been addressing in 2020, and that effort will continue into 2021. The external environment in which companies operate was made more difficult by the pandemic in 2020, but the coming of a new year did not magically correct that problem. Companies still have to deal with the fallout from the problems last year brought to them, and understands that continuing to work on solving those issues is vital to business success. Devoted, long-term operational support is the goal, so companies know they can rely on for the long term, without fail in difficult times.

The company will move into 2021 with these important lessons in mind, and with the goal of continuing to expand its efforts in these areas. The company’s clients are seeking operational efficiency, and the more can provide that the more successful the company will be in helping itself grow and helping other companies flourish. Intelligent settlement systems and one-click auditing options are in the works and will continue to improve client operating efficiency. Liu Qiangdong understands the value of a company that works seamlessly, and that moves forward with ease. Not only does that make it more likely that the company can succeed at what it does, but it also makes it easier for that company to partner with others and please clients for a strong and healthy future.