Are Real Estate Apps More Successful Than In-Person Sales

There are dozens of developers working on applications that could amit realtors from ever speaking to a client in person again. How can that be? Don’t buyers want to see the house before purchasing? Experts like Shalom Lamm say that with the pandemic customers have more want to purchase then ever and don’t even expect to see the property before signing the papers.

Apps like and Zillow have taken over the housing industry. It’s easy for realtors to contact possible sales and vise versa. The apps have skyrockets the market up because of how accessible it is to anyone.In the old days, people had to go to a realtor or find a sign on the street to see if a house was for sale. Now, they can simply check the location on an app and dozens of homes pop up. Shalom Lamm says that convenience will always be more valuable than anything else, especially in reality.