Are Masks Affecting the Economy? – with Ken Kurson

Universities all over the world are not understanding how COVID-19 is affecting students. Presidents are opening up colleges because of the financial burden it might have on the university’s economy if they remained online. Huff Post has published many works making it clear that students should be mandated to wear masks. Many universities have daycares or early education programs that don’t mandate masks when working with young children. Although everyone must understand how difficult it may be, it’s very important to reiterate how masks can save lives. The mask debate has also drifted into the United State’s public education system. It is controversial because how are infants going to breathe properly with a mask on? Will it affect young children’s skin development with the oxygen circulation down the line? These are all questions up for debate that Kurson is relentlessly researching. His opinion is still unclear on the subject, but he certainly understands the value masks bring to society as a whole. 

Kurson, also the proprietor of California Globe, has a history in finance. Although the economy took a deep hit, some investors lucked out by investing in mask producing companies. Now, masks could be found in an Old Navy, but in March that certainly wasn’t the case. With schools reopening, they should be purchasing large quantities of masks in case some students are without one. However, it becomes a vicious cycle. If schools don’t have the funds to produce masks for those who need them and then they end up sending students home who are sick, how will the education sector flourish? For the average university, millions of dollars are being made in revenue from tuition, sports programs, and grants. That being said, they will now have to invest in sanitization routines for all of the campuses. That includes purchasing masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant cleaning supplies, and much for so students are constantly being safe. Yes, schools have money. Big money. However, without the consumer-to-consumer sales being made at local restaurants, shops, and even bookstores, school expense accounts will definitely take a hit.

Maks are now being sold in most retailers, gas stations, and online. Amazon was one of the first online retailers to produces masks. At the early stages of the pandemic, a regular, thin mask could retail up to nineteen dollars. Of course, they are now sold more frequently so the prices have dwindled down. Overall, the sales of masks definitely helped my companies be profitable. At the time, it was all consumers were interested in. What would have been the worst-case scenario for the economy would have been a monopoly. What that means is if only one corporation sold masks. For doctors, who need masks the most, having to look for them with the whole country also trying to find them, would’ve been a nightmare. 

If the virus continues to spread, the economy will continue having to fight to keep up with other countries. There are still between twenty and thirty million Americans unemployed. That means, for many, buying masks can be a hardship. Kurson believes that masks will never be in stop being in demand. For those who are unemployed, masks are definitely in demand. For universities, producing maks with licensed logos is crucial and helps with their marketing techniques. It’s also some type of sale that is being made. According to the Daily Stoic, Kurson was an Editor for the New York Observer. During his career, he has seen countless financial and economical articles written about the impacts certain variables have on the economy. With his experience, he was able to broaden his knowledge on many subjects that have guided him to where he is now. He is passionate about helping people stay safe. Just like anyone, he is stressed about where the economy will go and what will happen. For certain, he concluded masks have impacted the economy greatly. Almost like anything in life, there is a positive and negative side to everything. Ken’s final thoughts on the subject area to be cordial with one another. Remember that everyone is struggling in some shape or form. It’s important to protect those around you by doing your best to wear a face-covering in public. Be kind and stay healthy.