Are Housing Apps Failing?

Housing apps make it so much easier for buyers to see if there are any interesting properties in the area. That being said, these apps can also be maneuvered as social media. For example, Shalom Lamm, a realtor, uses Zillow to check up on local properties and check out his competition. 

Zillow partners will be realtors to deliver the business. With so many people now working from home, constantly checking their phones, and being active online, there is no better time for housing applications to take over the market. Users use apps like Zillow or for entertainment purposes because they are simply bored at home. These apps will never fail. Everything is starting to become digital. Houses might be able to be purchased online in the next few years because of how these apps have taken over the market. Shalom Lamm believes that these apps will take over the industry in the coming years and make it harder for smaller realtor companies to compete.