Are Housing Apps Developed In Favor of Realtors Or Clients?

The debate in which housing apps have a designated victor has been ongoing since they were first developed. Are these apps developed to create a higher competition for realtors? Or, are they developed to help them sell more houses? Experts like Shalom Lamm believe that these apps were designed to help both realtor and client.

Zillow and are very influential. Many use these apps for entertainment purposes as well. Clients can now look at prospective properties and make sure they see all parts of the home straight from their devices. Realtors can find this at a disadvantage because these houses are old by different companies.Overall, it’s very relative. Some realtors love that everything is online and some despise it. It truly depends on the person and how they prefer to sell. Shalom Lamm has expressed that having everything digital takes some time to get used to but in the end, it’s worth it.