Anil Chaturvedi: Two Decades of Investment Achievements and Service for Merrill Lynch

How Anil Chaturvedi’s tenure at Merrill Lynch has informed his client-focused investment services.

Anil Chaturvedi is an established banker who capitalizes on strategic investment opportunities and offers high-level financial advice for clients in Switzerland, India, and the US. Over the last forty years, Anil has developed a track record of successful investment achievements for major banks and, perhaps most notably, the leading wealth management firm Merrill Lynch. 

Based in Greater New York, Merrill Lynch is the world’s largest wealth management company. The firm develops bespoke investment strategies that focus on achieving the highest possible returns on investment for high-net-worth clients. Merrill Lynch’s advisors develop one-to-one relationships with clients to form strategies to suit their individual needs. The wealth management company is actively involved with veteran organizations, works with the Bank of America to develop responsible growth in the investment industry, and supports communities throughout the US by investing in services to launch revamps for residents in need.

Anil Chaturvedi’s Service at Merrill Lynch

As Managing Director, Anil dedicated two decades of service to Merrill Lynch, facilitating global transactions between America, India, Asia, and Europe. During this time, Anil worked closely with clients to identify their biggest needs and develop tailored investment strategies to accommodate these priorities. He conducted in-depth research to capitalize on investment opportunities. 

Anil conceptualized market-defining investment solutions for Merrill Lynch’s high-profile clients and quickly became one of the firm’s most sought-after advisors. He grew 300 accounts from inception with $1.2 billion AUM (assets under management) and consecutively achieved second place at BAC-ML international private banking group over five years. During his tenure, Anil also became a member of the Circle of Champions and Barron’s Top Producers Club. 

Anil Chaturvedi’s Wider Achievements

Anil Chaturvedi currently serves as the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. Here, he uses the expertise that he developed at Merrill Lynch and during his 40-year career to inform his latest investment strategies. Over the last four decades, Anil has:

  • Developed a strategy to capture non-resident Indian businesses in America, which generated a $500 million growth for the State Bank of India within just four years. 
  • Grown the State Bank of India by 100% within five years.
  • Project-managed a team of 60 employees for the State Bank of India.
  • Generated over 100 new client accounts for the State Bank of India.
  • Designed and released an NRI deposit program for the State Bank of India, generating an additional 3,000 clients and a $3.2 billion return.

When advising his clients on how to develop their portfolios, Anil encourages investors to see the macro picture. By considering the wider implications of finance and investments, investors can better examine key micro opportunities that can otherwise slip by unnoticed. 

Anil recommends three financial newspapers for developing knowledge on the investment scene: the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Barron’s. He reads these financial newspapers to formulate strategic angles on investment opportunities and threats. He also recommends The Third Pillar, by Raghuram Rajan, a book that explores the loaded connections between capitalism, democracy, and community. Learn more about Anil Chaturvedi’s approaches to investments at