An Entrepreneurial Outlook on Blogging

Helen Schifter has been consistently presenting a portrait and caricature of life that is uplifting, inspirational and yet educational. It’s important for bloggers to produce content that is valuable, high quality and sensible in a consistent fashion. If you do so, you will be able to engender an audience of devoted and loyal followers in a relatively condensed period of time. As the popularity of the blogosphere continues increasing with time, there has been more and more tutorials digitally and in-person that seek to educate people about the way to properly use platforms to convey their messages in reasonable fashion. 

The difference between a blogger who is dedicated to a particular subject as opposed to  one who has versatility in terms of the breadth and scope of the topics he or she is willing to cover is extraordinary from a commercial standpoint. The reason for this harkens back to the business model by which bloggers are able to generate revenue. Advertising revenue is the most popular stream of revenue for bloggers. 

Helen Schifter has expressed that the need for finding a particular niche in the blogosphere is of ample importance, in order to maximize revenue opportunities with advertisers. After all, in the end of the day, digital advertising is the easiest and most efficient way for one to be able to monetize a blogging platform effectively. 

But the subjects and topics that a blogger specializes in, in terms of the content that he or she is focused on, has to be surgically focused and clear to an audience. Among the constituencies that a blogger has to always be conscious of are not only his or her readers. Instead, those constituencies are comprised of the readers, the advertisers, and also the internal marketing and communications teams within the advertising companies themselves. 

What people have to understand is that in order to be able to make a living that is above standard and that allows one to lead a decent lifestyle as a blogger, there needs to be a certain entrepreneurial understanding of the blogosphere. And the content that the blogger is generating has to be a reflection of the interests, tastes and desires of all of the represented constituencies in that sphere. 

For example, if one is blogging exclusively on healthcare related subjects, they will be able to cater their content to audiences in the medical and healthcare communities. For audience building, they might seek to generate exposure within periodicals well-read by audiences in those communities. However for the advertising portion, they’ll want to seek out interested parties who are commercially involved in the healthcare industry. 

Perhaps if the blog has more of a wellness focus than a healthcare focus, the blogger will seek to focus on pursuing skin-care companies; cosmetic companies; and marketing companies dedicated to trying to generate content and sales about these various businesses. The same principle rule applies across no matter the subject of the blog might be. Some bloggers have been very savvy in the way they’ve marketed their blogs and content that they are consistently producing to audiences in the industrial and commercial spaces. For example, they’ll regularly attend marketing events where they can network with members of the commercial industries they are trying to seek out in terms of advertising dollars.

Helen Schifter views this phenomenon as one that is healthy for the sustainability and long term survival and lasting impact of blogs in the blogosphere. It’s important for there to be a steady stream of content that is valuable to audiences no matter where they might be reading from. But it’s equally important for there to be an understanding of the topics and subjects that the bloggers are focused on, and their related industries for targeted in advertising purposes. An effective blogger with an entrepreneurial orientation will be able to generate a sustainable business model that allows him or her to lead a comfortable lifestyle. Of course, there’s also no replacement for being able to do what one loves from the comfort of his or her home or computer.

As we continue transitioning into this virtual digital world, it has become a real benefit and value to be able to work from the comfort of one’s home. One of the advantages of being a full-time blogger that has a sustainable business model, is being able to do just that. Of course, it  is naturally a real value and even arguably a gift for there to be the ability to monetize your own passion. For there is no substitute for doing what you love for a living.