Did the Pandemic Save Breakfast Habits?

Ah, the American breakfast… eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, cereal, yogurt, oatmeal and more. No matter what time of day it is, Americans love their breakfast food. However, statistics from Bob Evans tell us that over 50% of all Americans, including 87% of parents, are skipping breakfast during the workweek because there just isn’t enough time.  Breakfast habits are a changing.

Pre-pandemic, it was easy to grab breakfast from a fast food restaurant or coffee shop on the way to work, but today, with the majority of Americans working from home, we’ve increased our home cooked meals by 60%. 

While the number of individuals eating breakfast remained constant before and after COVID, partaking in the most common breakfast foods at home increased. Americans are eating 25% more pancakes, 20% more waffles, and 15% more bacon than we did before 2020. 

Part of the increase in breakfast food consumption is that we often can see these as comfort foods and, frankly, we needed a lot of extra comfort in 2020. Many people consumed these foods at other times of the day besides breakfast time. 

Pandemic or not, Americans just love breakfast; morning, noon, and night. Learn more about American breakfast habits in the infographic below:

How The Pandemic Changed American’s Breakfast Habits
Source: BobEvansGrocery.com