AllSocial Takes You Back to the Social Media Golden Days

Social media is growing, new platforms are popping up everyday, and social networking is used by pretty much everyone you know. As it grows, the business of social media has begun to take more of a driver’s seat role in the social networking landscape and many companies simply lose sight of the good old days when a networking website was simply a place to connect and stay in touch. With recent discoveries about data privacy hacks and blocked or buried content superseded by those that pay more for your spot in the social media lineup, you might take pause over the direction that social media has taken and where you fit into it. Luckily,  this a new social media platform that is ready to take us all back to the golden days of social media. That new social network is AllSocial.

A Beloved History

In its original form, social media was a great way for friends and families to remain in contact. It also was used as a place for strangers to meet and for new friends to be made. At its heart, social media was about connection. It allowed people from across the world to discuss similar beliefs, values, even hobbies.

It also laid the groundwork for discussions about differences. While not always productive discussions, it was a place where new perspectives could be introduced if the users were willing to listen and stay open to adopting them.

A Downward Spiral

Recently, many social media platforms have taken on a more business-focused mindset. Advertisements overwhelm the content and leave the networking tools sometimes impossible for the user to find on the page.  Using some networking platforms is almost impossible without an ad blocker. Moreover, users recently started to realize that the advertisements were catered to their own interests.

One user may have discussed wanting a new computer with a friend in a network chat only to find an ad for computers on their social media soon after. Suspicions were raised and rightly so. It was discovered that social media platforms were selling private data to marketing companies and other third-parties. As a result, ads of varying types were pushed onto the users, shaping their purchase decisions and even their choices in life.

For those who create content on social media, their lives were also made all the more difficult when platforms started to charge fees for promotional services. Now only those who had money, to begin with, could become influencers and set the scene for the rest to follow. This pushed out content creators who were just starting, but still creating quality content and slowly building a following.

Social media also became an overzealous watchdog. Those with differing viewpoints suddenly found themselves banned or punished for speaking about their values and beliefs. Those who weren’t using hate speech or promoting hate found that just because they had a different viewpoint than others, they were punished for it, if not banned from the platform entirely.

Something needed to change and someone needed to answer the call.


A new social media platform has emerged called AllSocial. One thing that sets it apart from the other platforms from the very start was its open policy on data sharing. They guaranteed that the private information that their users had or shared between private friends would remain exactly that–private. It would never be sold to third parties.

AllSocial thrives on being an open social media platform. It welcomes users of all ages, backgrounds, and viewpoints. While it doesn’t tolerate hate speech or any content that promotes hate towards any group of people, it doesn’t ban people simply by speaking about their own viewpoints. It promotes free speech above anything else.

Keeping Advertisements Limited

Since AllSocial requires money to run, it has chosen limited advertising. This means that users can expect small ads on their dashboard.

However, AllSocial strives to make it as limited as possible. The ads are also clean and don’t take a strain on the bandwidth of the user. This allows them to easily use the platform without the ads bogging down their internet or feed.

Returning to Its Roots

What AllSocial wants to accomplish is a return to the early days of social media. During a time when people just connected with one another and didn’t have to worry about their data being sacrificed to a company, social media was at its peak. AllSocial’s ultimate goal is to provide a user experience that returns them to that time. With an emphasis on free speech, support of its users, and ensuring that everyone’s private data is protected, it’s a platform for the future that brings the best from the past.

Future Innovations

Even if it is focused on highlighting the best parts of social media from the past, it has its eyes on the future. AllSocial 2.0 intends to bring further capabilities to its platform. Users can have a smoother video call experience. Chat capabilities are also going to see an upgrade and will be easier to use than ever before. It’s even working on something entirely unique called elastic search. Users can expect great innovations to come from the new social media platform that will continue to allow them to connect with others and create content with limited restrictions and censorship.

AllSocial is Putting the User First

AllSocial is a beacon that all platforms should look towards. With its roots plated in the golden age of social networking and its creator looking to the future and building the next waves of technology, AllSocial is the safe, secure, and innovative new social network that everyone should want to join.