All About Advertising on Youtube TV

In the evolving world, we are seeing that video content is taking over the world. Video content has become so portable that people can get over it. Amongst all the video content platform youtube tops. Youtube has an enormous audience of over 1.9 billion active users. According to the data, over six million hours of youtube is watched in a month on an average. 

Youtube TV Cost

After the noticeable success of youtube, youtube has introduced an all-new feature called youtube TV advertising. The service is relatively on the higher-end; the monthly subscription is $50 per month. If you sign in from apple TV, the service will cost $55 per month. 

Advertising on Youtube TV

Like every other online video streaming service, youtube TV also has ads. Youtube TV is just like another TV service. Youtube has told its users that they won’t be able to skip ads on the streaming service, but users don’t seem to have a problem with that. Even though youtube has a smaller area cover, it still has active paying 800,000 users. The service owners have stretched the service nationwide, so it is predicted that this number will only grow bigger and bigger as it will spread across the world. With all the growth in the youtube TV audience, it is a great opportunity for marketers. 

Live TV

The users are not able to skip or fast forward through advertisements. But you can always pause the show at the start and watch the show later and fast forward through it in the recorded show.

DVR Recordings

Youtube TV comes with DVR recording, which means that you can record all your favorite shows and record them. Even the ones who will go on air and you can set them to record once they get aired, and you can fast forward through the ads in the recorded version of the show.

If you have recorded a show which also airs on video-on-demand, the ad will become non-skippable, and you cannot fast-forward through them. Because the TV will be showing you’re the version of the show which is on video on demand.

Video On-Demand

The video-on-demand will provide you with episodes and shows which have been aired earlier so you can watch these videos anytime in your day. Video on demand has a yellow progress bar showing you how much of the show has air till the current time so you can keep track of it. But you cannot skip or fast forward through ads on video-on-demand options.


Many programmatic consulting firms will tell you to put up your ads on youtube and youtube TV because of the huge audience it has. Many people across America and around the world have youtube as their prime entertainment site. Youtube TV also has the possibility of becoming the number one TV service after Netflix. Since youtube is a very old service, it knows its audiences, they know what they want and how they can be entertained. So for marketers, youtube TV is a great platform. You can also try ctv advertising as another method.