Aligning Customer and Company Interest with Loyalty Rewards Apps

Loyalty rewards apps to incentivize loyalty have become increasingly popular as consumers realize how simple it is to accrue special discounts and deals for purchasing items they normally would. For example, Starbucks has a very popular mobile app that is used frequently by customers when buying their daily coffee. The rewards for each transaction, called “Stars”, can be accumulated to buy free drinks and other offers.  Through repeat business, these apps not only increase customer satisfaction but also give companies such as Starbucks a steady source of revenue. 


Three key industries—restaurants, retail, and travel—have an extensive selection of mobile apps to choose from. These industries are all focused on repeat consumer interactions. The food industry is dominated by Chick-fil-A, Domino’s, McDonald’s, and Subway. Retail loyalty rewards apps include Walmart, Nike, Temu, Etsy, and Temu. Airlines’ applications are leading the travel business as users try to accrue points for trips, with Delta Airlines’ app having the most downloads. All things considered, loyalty rewards apps create a successful symbiotic relationship between customers and businesses. 

How Do Consumers Rate the Top Loyalty Rewards Apps