Alexei Orlov Ushers in a New Era of Public Relations

“Brands need people, more than people need brands.”

Alexei Orlov’s MTM is a cutting-edge communications and marketing group that offers its A-list clientele a global reach, expert analysis, exclusive and evolving technologies including two proprietary AI systems, and a 360 degree people-first approach. 

Indeed, MTM or ‘moments that matter’ is a visionary and highly collaborative, creative business. As is Alexei Orlov, MTM founder, and CEO.

The Odyssey of Alexei Orlov

If anyone is equipped to lead a worldwide organization, it’s Alexei Orlov. A native of the United Kingdom, he possesses a truly intercontinental outlook with professional experiences in every corner of the globe.

In 1988, early on in his career, Orlov was named the marketing director of Avon Cosmetics Retail in Europe. He was the youngest professional in history to ever hold the title of Avon director.

From there, Orlov’’s career continued to take him across the globe.  During the 1990s, he served as Volvo’s global brand communications director and Volvo UK’s marketing director. And, from 2011 to 2014, he was Volkswagen Group China’s chief marketing officer.

Alexei Orlov worked for Wunderman, a leading digital agency, in a few different positions between 2000 and 2008. His titles included president of the European division and executive vice-chairman of global operations.

In addition, from July 2014 to July 2016, Orlov was the global CEO of a  public relations and advertising company, a part of the Omnicom Group. Later, he was a senior advisor to the CEO of DAS, which is part of the international communications brand Omnicom.

The titles listed above represent only a few 0f those career highlights. In all, his work has taken him to more than three dozen countries.

Today, Alexei Orlov lives just north of New York City with his family and operates out of MTM’s New York City offices, which is one of five offices MTM holds around the globe.

Inside MTM 

Alexei Orlov launched MTM in February 2017. Investors supplied the company with more than $30 million at the outset. MTM’s headquarters are located in New York, and the company has satellite offices in Shanghai, Los Angeles, Milan, and London.

MTM’s business is based on an acquisition model. It provides the agencies that it acquires with value-added services that include areas of brand and business strategy, finance as well as operational guidance. The agencies that make up the MTM portfolio are all a part of the digital marketing and brand development industry, but all complimentary to the other MTM brands allowing for more easily connected partnerships and dynamic brand activation that reaches across every type of digital marketing practice possible. 

These partnerships allow MTM clients infinite ways in which they can develop their brand name.  MTM agencies remain unique in each of their specialized offerings to the marketing and branding world, while simultaneously getting the privilege of working intricately with every other MTM acquired businesses. MTM agencies focus on everything high-growth dynamic consumer experience including media optimization, global communications, experience design, digital and social engagement, content production, experiential marketing and so much more.  In everything Alexei Orlov’s business does, it takes into account its target audience and keeps social and cultural considerations at the forefront.

Currently, MTM is made up of four agencies: NOM, Sub Rosa, Camron PR, and Local Projects. Together, these businesses serve more than 160 companies, and have received more than 150 notable awards and recognitions.


NOM is a video advertising platform that provides brand-optimized video ad solutions that assist clients in maneuvering the ever-changing video ad landscape that deliver consistent results. With unparalleled precision and actionable insights, NOM helps brands safely run ads on YouTube and across the social media landscape. The advertiser prides itself on transparency, giving peace of mind of advertisers who work with NOM.

NOM uses proprietary self-serve software that enables clients to deliver video ads to the right people on the right platform at the right moment. NOM’s proprietary technology provides campaign unification and transparent analytics for every client on their roster. Nom has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.

Sub Rosa

With a host of A-list clients and a reputation centered around the idea of ‘applied empathy’, Sub Rosa touts a team of design thinkers that assist clients in shaping their brand story for the public and building transcendent narratives that build bridges from brand to buyer.

Sub Rosa operates with a reputation centered around the idea of ‘applied empathy’. This methodology considers diverse perspectives that drive meaningful change for their clients and the people they affect.  This collective of highly-attuned problem solvers offers services in Internal creation and capability, brand development and creation, and creative expression. This includes everything from concept development to go-to-market strategy and a host of services in between.

Camron PR

Camron PR is a premier public relations firm who prides themselves on the global approach they take with their clients. The agency believes in the importance of design as fundamental to their business. Camron PR works collaboratively and believes that cross-fertilization generates the best work and offers the most benefit to our clients. The reputation of Camron PR culminates in areas of expertise comprising business innovation, luxury lifestyle, international design, architecture, travel and technology. Their client portfolio is global with on-going projects all over the world from Buenos Aires to Seattle, Beijing to Tokyo. Camron invests in highly talented people who consistently deliver smart and creative communication strategies for their clients.

There is a quote that you can find on their website that concisely defines Camron PR’s professional philosophy:

“We don’t do things by rote. Getting stuck in boxes makes us claustrophobic. Sure, we can deliver all the textbook stuff, but textbooks have a habit of going out of date, and anyway, it’s more interesting if we rewrite the rules.”

-Camron PR

Local Projects

Local Projects is an experience and media design firm headquartered in NYC and servicing corporate partners and cultural institutions from all parts of the world. With in-house creative technology, architectural, and physical design teams working in tandem, Local Projects delivers highly-precise, technology-infused brand activations for their long list of clientele. 

Local Projects is on a mission to push the boundaries of emotional storytelling, meaningful experience, and human interaction. They have helmed the first museum of sustainable fashion for the Laudes Foundation partnered with VISSCH + STAM and Videoworks, brought The New York Times stories to life in all five boroughs of the city in an experience design called The Truth is Local, and told the story of 9/11 through the voices of those who experienced it for the National September 11th Memorial and Museum in an activation called A Museum of Collective Memory. 

Other Local Project clients have included the National Museum of Australia, The Estate of Martin Luther King Jr., National Museum of American Jewish History, The Smithsonian, Bloomberg, The Guggenheim Bilbao, the Pace Gallery, BMW, and MetLife.

The Next Steps for Alexei Orlov and MTM

Alexei Orlov and the team at MTM strive to give clients the most advanced services possible. To that end, it’s now negotiating with a host of innovative agencies, looking to add new businesses to its already all-star lineup.

The new agencies Alexei Orlov is courting will give MTM an even broader and deeper reach across the planet. In turn, MTM will provide those companies with access to new clients and new technologies. Alexei Orlov prides himself on choosing a collective of businesses that are the best in their niche, but become even better when under the umbrella of MTM and able to so easily partner with other winning agencies. 

MTM’s favorite tagline is “Best Alone. Better Together”. This clearly sums up the motivation for Alexei Orlov and MTM and shows the world exactly what kind of powerhouse he plans to build.

Two Fun Facts About Alexei Orlov

First, Alexei Orlov was granted an American O1 visa status, an honor bestowed upon men and women of extraordinary talent and one very seldomly given to a professional in the media industry. O1 visas are usually reserved for the engineering sector or physicians excelling in the health industry. Alexei Orlov received his O1 after writing a series of professional essays on applied empathy that the US government deemed important for people to read. Orlov has retained dual citizenship to this day.

And one last fact about MTM CEO Alexei Orlov you definitely do not know is that since he was a teenager, he’s only slept four to  five hours per night. As a result, he should have plenty of time to keep dreaming up new win-win situations for his esteemed business and cherished clients.