A Karmic Entrepreneur’s Suggestions for Success.

YouTube influencer, author, and famous entrepreneur Sri Akarshana claims to have just three simple rules for his success on YouTube and on the India bestseller list. The self help guru claims that he first refined these three guidelines while on a retreat in Nepal, during which time he used fasting and meditation to gain a higher level of consciousness that tore away the fog of commercialism and materialism that had kept him from feeling fulfilled.

His first rule is to concentrate on value and impact, ignoring financial considerations and advertising schemes. Akarshana believes that when an entrepreneur puts his customers first and resists the temptation to brag about his or her products and services, the result is a karmic inversion of the traditional dog-eat-dog competition mindset, and the needed finances will become automatically available.

His second rule don’t pursue wealth, let it pursue you. He lives this rule by divesting himself of all cash and plastic each day before heading to his office. He says that spending an entire with no money is a refreshing way to learn how to control finances, and also a good lesson in keeping humble.

His third rule is to challenge himself each day to do something outside his comfort zone. This builds confidence, combats burn out, and forces the intellect to stay open to new ideas.