What Hitting the 8 Billion People Milestone Worldwide Means For The Future

The world hit a major population milestone of 8 billion people just a few months ago on November 15, 2022. As our world continues to change, we can use data from countries around the world to piece together what the road to 9 billion people will have for us. The world overall has seen massive improvements in standards of living which has brought up the global life expectancy. Countries with a high Health Index Score, such as Japan and a number of countries in Europe, have many elderly, which brings its own set of challenges. 

These countries have more people aging out of the working class and need to devote more resources to the elderly. However, countries in sub-Saharan Africa are becoming more and more developed and are experiencing growth that is soon to surpass much of the rest of the world. This influx of attention and a large working class is making the quality of life in the countries continue to rise, as well as the GDP of these countries. With the sub-Saharan African region projected to double its population by just 2050, it will prove to be one of the next major stepping stones for our world. 

Learn more about how the world will continue to change and grow as we get closer to the 9 billion population mark here:

8 billion people visualized