7 Tips for Making Engaging Corporate Videos

Businesses usually turn to video content because they want to connect with their customer base better. People also tend to engage with video more than any other type of media. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that adding video to your content could make it 10 times more likely to be viewed and shared.

This is why branded videos are one of the best marketing tools you have at your disposal. However, the success rate varies based on how engaging the video is – capturing their attention and turning viewers into customers. Here are 7 tips that will make your corporate videos more engaging.

Be Specific

Every video should have a singular purpose, and you should be able to summarize it in a single sentence. It may be intended to sell a particular product, increase awareness of the brand or convince job seekers to apply to jobs listed on your website. This specific purpose will affect everything from the narrative to the tone to the facts mentioned in the video.

If your video features a story, link it back to the main purpose. If you want to cover several topics, you can create several videos, each with its own purpose. This will keep your videos focused. Note that this may affect the channels you use to share the video.

Focus on the Benefits

You need to create content that is clearly valuable to your customer. It’s good to list features that they want to know about or show them how to use the product,but sales content needs to show them how the product or service benefits them more than anything. Customers are more likely to buy if they’re shown how it helps them, rather than when they are told, and video is perfect for this.

This also goes if you’re trying to recruit employees. You don’t want to simply babble on about your business. You want to show prospective employees why they should work with you,and this is not done by mindlessly reading a script. In this case, candid one-on-ones with long-time employees might be a better option. You want your culture to shine through and immerse them in it.

Customer testimonials are also a great way to build social proof with your audience. You want the exchanges to be as genuine as possible. Ask them questions that will allow them the chance to explain the issues they dealt with and how your service or product was able to help.

Begin and End on the Right Note

Your audience are most likely to remember the first sentence your speaker says or the first message emblazoned on the screen. They’re also more likely to remember the last thing your people say or what the end slide says. This is why you should start and end the video with what you want your customers to remember.

Create Video Content that Works without Sound

The best corporate videos are those that are able to convey their message without sound. In fact, according to the video experts at Spiel, the large majority of social media videos are watched without the sound on.

This means your content needs to include title slides, subtitles and branded demonstrations that don’t require someone to listen to the speaker. Furthermore, you’re going to lose your audience if you have someone droning on about impressive stats that are difficult for someone to relate to. You can solve this problem by pairing words with strong visuals that convey the information whether the sound is on or they don’t understand the speaker.

Keep It Short and Simple

Don’t let the video go on too long, asyou’ll lose your audience. The video should generally be between one and three minutes, but shorter is better. Make your point and then end it. If you continue once you’ve made your point, you risk your message being lost because people forget most of what is in the middle of the content.

Choose the Right Format

The format you choose will also make a difference. Stories, for instance, are a great way to draw your audience in. If done right, this could allow you to tap into their emotional side. Don’t just tell your story, but make them part of the story as well by making it relatable. Interview style videos also work, and you can use some of the most common questions people have about your company as inspiration.

Another thing you should do is give your viewers examples. But, instead of talking about your success as a business, try to showcase how you were able to help clients.

Be Natural

Don’t create a script that sounds unnatural when people are talking. Aim for conversational content, if you don’t want them simply speaking their minds. You should also avoid corporate jargon, because this can alienate the viewer.

If you use special effects, don’t try too hard, since they can end up being distracting. If you must use sound effects or music, ensure that the sound quality is good and that it doesn’t distract from the video.

However, while corporate videos don’t need to have Hollywood level production, production value still matters. This is why it’s essential that you work with a team that understands corporate video production. The best way to find a good team is to look around online and among your circle, review their work, and talk with them to see if you share the same vision.  From then on you can start speaking about your projects and bouncing ideas around.

Corporate videos are one of the best ways to engage with your audience. Just make sure that you start with the right plan and have the basics down.