7 Secrets to Shopping Wholesale Online

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The world is going through a trying time at the moment and any legal means to make extra bucks will go a long way. Whether you already have an online boutique or planning to have one, finding the right wholesale clothing vendor will determine the success of your brand. But what are the qualities that a good wholesale clothing vendor? This article explains it all.

What is the niche of your brand?

Every successful boutique is unique in one way or the other. The higher the degree of your uniqueness, the more likely you can make an imprint in the minds of your customers. Also, you should have a target market—and this will ultimately determine the type of clothes that you would be selling. If you don’t already have a niche in mind, one smart move you can make is to look for an underserved market. Then, work towards filling the vacuum.

Qualities of a good wholesale clothing vendor

Finding and creating a cordial relationship with the right wholesale clothing vendor will help you to grow your boutique in a short time to an enviable height. Finding the right wholesaler is not difficult—if you have a checklist. So, what qualities should make up your checklist? They are as follows:

#1. Price

The golden rule of business is to buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price. This rule also applies to the retail clothing business. The right wholesaler should be able to offer you clothes at a low price enabling you to make more profit. Also, buying at a low price allows you to offer a discount to your customers.

#2. Diversity

Rarely will you find a boutique selling one type of clothing. When it comes to fashion, diversity is crucial. Therefore, the right wholesaler should be able to offer assorted clothing options for you to choose from.

#3. Product Consistency

You can easily lose your customers if you are always out of stock. To avoid this sad incident, you need a wholesaler that will consistently have the products that you need—especially those that are selling out fast.

#4. Quality

Where your wholesaler source their products is very important too. If your wholesaler sources their products from questionable manufacturers and importers, it will carve a dent in your business too. Your customers will notice that you sell substandard clothes and fill your page with negative reviews which will deter prospective customers from purchasing from you.

#5. Delivery

Inasmuch as delivery time can vary depending on your location, you don’t want to wait for months for your deliveries to arrive. When making your research, endeavor to find a wholesale clothing vendor that delivers on time.

#6. Shipping Fee

The shipping fee can easily build up and inflate the price of your purchase. A wholesaler with a flat rate shipping fee will make it easy for you to plan your budget. It is possible to find wholesalers that offer free shipping when you purchase goods worth a certain amount of money. Such vendors are priceless.

#7. Wrong Delivery

Wrong delivery happens now and then from human or machine errors. Bear in mind that this can never be totally eliminated. However, the best wholesale clothing vendors have a mechanism in place where clients can contact their representatives and return such deliveries at no extra cost. In such instances, you will either receive a refund or have the right product re-shipped.


Equipped with the right checklist finding the right wholesale clothing vendor should be less of a confusing task. Once you have found the right retailer, work towards developing a strong relationship with them. This can give you access to preferential prices as well as more flexible payment terms.