7 Ethical SEO Tactics to Beat Your Competition

There are many people who think of SEO and some that don’t. Outsiders peering in can be revulsed by SEO from just observing these campaigns. We totally agree. The unethical SEO practices will give off the putrid stench. And true practicing SEOs strategy should work overtime in making up for failings of the greasy majority in an attempt to prove their real worth. Let us see how SEO Auckland can help you beat your competitors in the best possible way.

  • Spy on the competitors’ keywords

It is one sneakiest way to get the upper hand of your competition. Let us say your focus phrase or keyword is “table lamps.” You have probably analyzed this keyword, however, did you compare this at what the competitors are using? Actually, you can find out specific keywords that other websites use. After that, you may use that keyword for your benefit. One best site you can use is Alexa to carry out the process.

  • Snoop in a Competitor’s Customer Base

There’re a lot of reasons for your client to get unhappy with the current agency that they are working at. This will be because of your competitor being the bad communicator, and they failed in bringing results, and they used black hat SEO methods that impacted negatively to the client. You must closely follow online channels of your competitor’s traffic & monitor any conversions that take place. The simplest way you can do this is by keeping the tab on Google reviews. Majority of the clients who aren’t satisfied with SEO services Auckland of the competitor will go to the My Business Reviews for writing, doing any issues that they faced. 

  • Focus on content creation.

While it comes about digital marketing, the acronym “ABC” does not mean “Always Be Closing.” This must remind webmasters of “Always Be Creating.” No matter whether you are pursuing pay-per-click, SEO, or another marketing strategy for attracting the new visitors on your website, quality & amount of the content really matters. By adding some fresh content on your website makes this appealing both to search engines & the automated indexing programs, and the people who are reading your web pages. The high-value content will lead to the viral sharing that increases external backlinks pointing on your website as well as improves your search engine optimization.

  • Stay abreast of the SEO news.

Search engine optimization is a field that is constantly changing. Suppose you can jump on the new technique and growing trend before the competitors, you can cement your lead over natural search results. You can set aside a little time every week to check SEO news sites. Suppose you see any evidence of the major change in the search engine optimization Auckland practices, take immediate action to prevent the website from getting behind in your search results.

  • Spy on the Competitor’s Analytics

To exploit the competitor’s search engine optimization weaknesses, you have to get access to the analytics. It might not sound very ethical, but this is. Nacho Analytics allows the marketers to see the competition’s sales, or how they got it. By seeing the competitor’s data like highly visited web pages, bounce rate data, and conversion rates, you will tell what type of content resonates with the customers (yours).

  • Monitor competitors’ backlink profiles.

Whereas it is very important to check your website’s backlink profiles in order to prevent any kind of negative SEO attacks, and you must keep an eye on changes in your links that your competitors are using and building. Often, the best SEO methods are not widely publicized. But, people stumble on the winning combination, which leads to positive website results. 

  • Offer Better Customer Service

As you already have achieved the difficult task of poaching the customers from competitors, you are in the zone where you need to keep it well engaged. Customer retention is a thing that your competitor totally failed doing, and this is an exact cause why you took away their customers.