6 Reasons Your Business Need Better Last Mile Tracking

How good is your delivery process? Are your customers satisfied? If you’re facing issues in this area, then this is for you.

Improving Your Processes

It’s often the case that the last mile is the hardest when it comes to making deliveries on time and in good condition, but improving your last mile delivery tracking could be just the thing you need to get your deliveries out on time, improving customer relationships along the way.

Here are six reasons to invest in better last mile tracking software.

Damaged Goods

When a customer receives damaged goods, no one is happy. Customers are annoyed that their goods are not fit for purpose and will usually complain to the seller. It’s then the seller’s responsibility to go back through their logistics to see what happened to the goods and where they went wrong.

With better last-mile tracking, you should be able to have the condition of the package or goods checked before they arrived at the customer, so you know (and the seller knows) the goods were in good condition when they arrived.

Late Deliveries

Late deliveries cause headaches for customers, especially if they are working on a just-in-time supply model.

It’s not enough anymore to give a customer a rough estimate of when the delivery is due to arrive; you must be able to give accurate information that is reliable and useful for the customers, which will, in turn, create better business relationships all around.

Routing Issues

If your business regularly dispatches to a customer and regularly faces issues, there could be a problem with the selected route, causing trouble between you and your customers.

With better last-mile tracking, you can spot these issues ahead of time and ensure that you reroute packages and goods to ensure a smoother delivery process.

Insurance Premiums

Lost packages, damaged goods, and even theft will cause issues between yourself and your customer, but they will also cause problems with your insurance company.

If you are making regular claims due to these issues, you will find your insurance premiums will keep going up, resulting in higher costs to you that you may need to pass onto your customers.

With better last-mile tracking, you can identify these issues and ensure that they are risk assessed and planned for in advance, reducing the number of claims to your insurance company and the amount of frustration your customers face.

Data Analysis

All businesses these days work on data, and having more data means improving processes and better risk mitigation.

Improving your last mile tracking, which is so often the most difficult part of the process, is much easier when your tracking software can give you detailed data ready for analysis.

Improving Theft Issues

No one likes to think their goods or packages will be stolen, but it’s a sad reality that this does happen.

Last-mile tracking software might not be able to tell you who stole the package, but it is possible to tell where the package was stolen from, assisting in narrowing down potential suspects and identifying security issues in your supply chain.