6 Hot Cannabis Industry Jobs

An increasing number of jobs are popping up in the cannabis industry as more states pass legislation to legalize it. Marijuana is booming, with over 250,000 jobs created in 2018 alone. The industry is expected to become a $20 billion one by the end of 2022, and getting a job in the cannabis industry is becoming a popular option. While the medical marijuana sector is seeing some of the fastest growth, there are job opportunities in marketing, farming and customer care too. Here are some of the top jobs in the cannabis industry.

Marijuana Vaporizer Retailer

It is not difficult to get cannabis industry jobs when you know where to look. Vaporizers and e-cigarettes are a great sector with many people preferring them over the traditional rolled methods. You can land a job in one of these stores dedicated solely to smokeless devices to enhance the effect and experience of cannabis. The post requires an adequate measure of familiarity with top-notch customer service skills and sales experience. Visit site.

Budtenders Specialize in Customer Education

A budtender is the sommelier of the weed world, who works at a marijuana dispensary and helps customers select the correct products. Knowledge is key in this position, as they are required to answer customer queries about specific cannabis strains. It is necessary for budtenders to have exceptional customer service skills and be personable and knowledgeable. 

They should also have experience in customer relations and sales. California, Nevada and Oregon have recreational dispensaries where it will be easiest to find this position. 

Harvester is Involved with Production

Marijuana harvesting is no easy feat. It requires several different tasks like growing, cutting, trimming and packaging. Harvester’s entry-level jobs are usually labor-intensive. They can be highly physically demanding especially in organizations that have not embraced machine-assisted growing methods. However, this is an easy position to get since prior experience is not demanded. 

Edible Chefs are Food Scientists 

People working with cannabis edibles usually require experience with food production and handling. Many organizations prefer a culinary-related degree, and chemistry is also helpful. Medicinal marijuana is usually offered in several different forms, such as candy, baked goodies, tea and others. 

As an edible chef, you will be directly responsible for creating marijuana-infused recipes and producing the goods. You can work on different things within the edible line as well. For instance, you can be in charge of labeling, packaging, or distribution. 

Production Manager for Overseeing Everything

Production managers are in charge of overseeing and analyzing the entire line. They are responsible for the “seed to sale” cycle. You will need to account for process, operations, staff management, and create timelines and budgets. Most organizations prefer applicants with prior managerial experience. 

Front-End Sales Associates or Cashier

Cashiers are required in all stores and dispensaries. You would be in charge of greeting customers, answering their questions and ringing up sales. This is usually an entry-level position and requires familiarity with customer relations and products on sale. 

In small stores, the store manager may carry out the job of the cashier. This is usually true for small-scale pop-up dispensaries. As a store manager, you will also be responsible for retail operations and sales.