5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Videos in their Business

Learning how to create and use videos can be an important skill set for entrepreneurs. As there are so many ways entrepreneurs can use videos in their marketing and the everyday running of their business. I have listed some of them below…

Communicate with screen recordings:

When you hire new employees or a virtual assistant, you will need to teach them about your processes and software. When you do this directly it can take up some time and it will lead to many more questions later (especially if they forget) which can take up more time. This is why you should create video recordings of processes you plan to delegate to employees. 

Whenever a new employee joins, they can simply watch the video and learn how to do it. Of course, they will contact you with questions, but they will be minimal. So, get yourself a good screen recording and video editing software to create these videos. 

These recordings can come in handy if you run a Saas business too as you can share the videos in your help center. Customers can watch these videos and figure out how to use the software, instead of having to sit through a demo. 

Use social Video to build influence:

Videos drive more engagement on social media. Therefore, you should be publishing videos on social media if you want to build a strong brand presence online. These videos should be used to nurture your audience and to promote your products. 

You should also become comfortable with creating live videos as they have been shown to drive more engagement than pre-recorded videos. 

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Use webinars for lead generation and sales:

Live social videos do well because they are happening in real-time. People get to attend them live and ask questions. They can watch a recording, but it won’t be the same. 

Another type of video that can have the same effect as live social videos are webinars. Actually webinars are even better. This is because along with attending your live video, they will also be signing up for your list. And webinar landing pages can convert up to 80% of visits to subscribers. 

So, run some live webinars along with social videos. There are actually several webinar software platforms that let you broadcast your webinar to social media like YouTube and Facebook live. 

Run video ads:

Video ads can generate more clicks and sales than still image ads. This is because something that is moving will attract more attention. Also, you can include more information in a video than in a simple photo. 

But then again, you need to be careful about how much information you include. This is because if you include too much information fewer people will visit the landing page, but if you include the right amount that is just enough to generate curiosity, you will also generate more traffic and sales. 

So, keep this in mind while creating video ads. 

Record video testimonials:

Written testimonials work great. They can help build trust. But do you know what works even better than them? Video testimonials. 

In video testimonials, people get to see the person talk about how good your services and/or, your products are. These can seem more trustworthy. 

And you don’t need to go about creating extremely professional video testimonials. Simple testimonials recorded with a phone will look more natural and realistic. 

You can also use your video testimonials as ads. But you will need to record them in a more detailed case study style. 


These are only a few ways in which entrepreneurs can use video in their business. If you look around online you will find entrepreneurs using video in dozens of creative ways. So, check them out today.