5 Tips for Setting Up an Office

If you are the kind of person who moves with the times, you will already be thinking of an open plan when it comes to office layout. Open plan encourages communication and dialogue, which is something vital for a team to click and be on the same level, and with that in mind, here are a few office tips to help make your office a productive place.

  1. Cloud Solutions – This simply has to be the way to go, with wireless technology, all your data will be remotely accessed by authorised employees. You can access from any location, using any digital device and with every document digitised and stored on the cloud, you have no use for those bulky filing cabinets. Simply contact a managed IT provider and they will create a secure network that is fully controllable by you, with multiple permission hierarchies; workstations have a digital monitor and standard hardware from which your employees can access the data they need.
  2. Choosing Colours – Check out the stunning art color at SeeJorakay, who are a Thai based supplier of the best paint and coating products. Textured coating offers a unique ambience and from their website, you can view a range of colour combinations and select something that has all the right qualities.
  3. Communal Areas – The typical open plan office would incorporate at least one communal area, with a sofa and a few armchairs and a small coffee table; this is a space for entertaining visitors and also for your team to brainstorm and whether you prefer natural or vibrant ambience, the online paint supplier would have all the solutions. A fridge should be evident and workers should be encouraged to keep their energy bars and fruit juice in the cooler, while a tea and coffee machine are also essential. The most productive offices are those with a lived-in feel, with all the essentials at hand, which means giving your employees complete ownership.
  4. Central Placement for Office Equipment – Photocopiers, scanners and printers should be located centrally, giving everyone convenient access, while ink cartridges and toner should never be far away. A lot depends on the goings on and observing the daily activities is always a good idea, as this enables you to plan a functional layout. It is wise to ask your staff for design suggestions, as this encourages a feeling of ownership and builds team morale. If you feel you need to assess your leadership skills, click here.
  5. Contract Carpeting – This is the best flooring solution and the provider would fit out the entire office, which can be changed every couple of years. Tiles are ideal for heavy traffic areas, as they can easily be replaced rather than replacing the entire area and the heavy-duty quality ensures durability.

If your new business is based in Bangkok, there is a lot of office space for rent and with a long-term lease, you can decorate as you wish. If you are a foreigner who is planning to set up a company in Thailand, here is some government information.