5 Tips for Daily Meditation

Anyone who really knows George Rutler knows that he never seems to be under stress. This is because he knows, understands, and applies principles of meditation to his daily life and it benefits him greatly. Stress happens to everyone including the famous pastor. The major difference is that he understands how to melt that stress away through using meditation. If a person is under the impression that meditation is only for the super-rich or that people have to seek a guru on a mountain top or that this practice is some new age woo ha mumbo jumbo, nothing could be further from the truth, just ask him to share some tips on meditation, that’s what we did and here is what he had to say.

Here are 5 tips for daily meditation that can help anyone get the most out of life and help to keep stress levels low. Meditation can and should become a daily habit. When we think of the word habit, too often do we think that a habit is a negative thing. Meditation is a great way to relax and become stress-free and these five tips will help to make daily meditation fun and beneficial for everyone.

Tip number one is that daily meditation is just that, something that becomes a part of an individual’s daily life. Before thinking there isn’t enough time for meditation, it’s important to realize that the mind meditates every day regardless of what people think meditation is. Just adjust the mindset to the fact that meditation will become a part of our daily routine.

Tip number two is to start to meditate in 5-minute time slots. Yes, we can do more but, even five minutes is a great start. A small five-minute meditation is a great way to make meditation and stress relief a part of our daily lives. 

Tip number three is to do meditation at the same time every day. It can be as soon as after our morning coffee. However, it should take place at the same time each and every day because the long-term goal is to make meditation a positive habit. Feel free to set a reminder alarm if needed. Just remember to take the time to do daily meditation because it is worth it. That is one lesson that George Rutler learned a long time ago.

Tip number four is to create a special place for meditation. Set aside a specific time as well as a comfortable place to practice meditating. This can be a sanctuary that is created or it can be a nice armchair or spot on the living room floor, it’s all about preference. 
Tip number five is to make meditation a joyful celebration. This is a special time that is set aside just to meditate. This is the time to be like Father Rutler and become stress free and relax, find a way to celebrate that.