5 Stocks to Keep an Eye on in 2021

When a person is looking to make money on the stock market they need to do a lot of research. Judge Napolitano understands this. According to Napolitano, some stocks are on the rise that a person should be aware of. These are the top five stocks to watch for 2021.

1. Live Nation Entertainment

People have been stuck in their homes due to quarantine in the past year. Now that the country is going to reopen, people are looking to get out of their homes. They want to get out and do all of the things that they have missed. Live Nation Entertainment includes concerts, shows, and other events to which people cannot wait to go back. Since people are getting vaccinated there are more things that they can do. They want to return to their normal life and this stock is expected to skyrocket.

2. Restaurant Brands International

This is the company that is backing several major restaurant chains. Once again when people were in a lockdown they were not able to get out and enjoy a meal. They were allowed to order out at times but this is not the same as going out and dining. This is why this stock is going to be on the rise. People are looking to go out and enjoy the reopening. Now, most places offer both indoor and outdoor dining and they are allowed to operate as normal. The stocks are selling at low prices now and there is a good chance they will increase as people go back out.

3. Diamondback Energy

This is a company that is supporting green energy. People are looking to become more environmentally friendly so it is worth looking at an alternative energy company when developing stocks. Power will always be needed but now people want to go green. They are looking to help the environment and some states such as California are developing new mandates. A person can purchase this stock and they will see a nice return as more mandates and regulations are developed.

4. Hill Rom

This is one of the leading innovative healthcare companies. Stock experts feel that the healthcare area is not getting the credit it deserves and within the next year, these stocks will make a lot of money.

With the vaccine released people are looking at their other healthcare needs. This company is making products for the least invasive surgeries and they are working with medical suppliers to make sure healthcare providers have everything that they need.

5. Dell

This technology giant is making a comeback. People have gotten used to shopping online and they are looking for technology companies to provide the devices they need. Dell is listening to the demands of the customers and making devices to fit their needs.
These are the top 5 stocks to keep a watch on. Judge Napolitano encourages that if a person is looking to invest their money these five stocks are said to be on the rise and experts feel an increase is coming.