5 Simple Ways to Deal With Stress in the Workplace

In a perfect world, our lives would be free of stress and we’d feel happy and productive all the time. Unfortunately that’s just not the reality for most of us, and even more so the past two years. If you’re finding yourself stressed at work, or about your business, then you might want to consider implementing some of these simple ways to deal with stress in the workplace. Making small changes each day to how you react to stress can make a huge difference to your overall stress levels, mood and how productive you are. Keep reading to learn my 5 simple ways to deal with stress in the workplace.

1. Start Your Day Off Right
How you start your day can have a pretty big impact on the overall mood and feeling of the day. Do you snooze your alarm until you’re technically late, rush through your bathing routine and find yourself scrambling to get out the door before getting stuck in traffic which gives you road rage? Stressful mornings will result in elevated cortisol levels, which will likely mean you’ll be on high alert for the hours that follow. Try to implement some kind of morning ritual that leaves you feeling relaxed, motivated, and excited to get the day started. 

2. Learn to Disconnect
When you’re at work, you should ideally be all in and extremely focused on your work. But it’s important that when you’re not at work, i.e. during your free time, that you truly disconnect. Take your work emails off your phone, set boundaries with your colleagues as to when and how they can access you. You might want to focus on activities that help you regulate your mood and feel relaxed, such as meditating, yoga, and even buying the best custom chillum. Finding ways to give yourself real mental breaks from work will help you feel more energized and focused when you’re back in the office. 

3. Avoid Conflict and Drama
It can be very easy to get caught up in the conflict and drama of your workmates. But the truth is, you should distance yourself as much as possible from other people’s problems, especially in your office or business. When you’re spending so much time in a place, the overall mood will often impact your own mood. Even if you want to support your colleagues, it is better to leave them to handle their own battles if you’re not directly involved as it can put your livelihood in jeopardy as well as wrecking havoc for your stress levels. 
4. Stop Multitasking
Multitasking is one of those things that seems like a good idea in theory, but the reality is much different. Not only will multitasking likely make you more stressed, as you’ll feel like you’re juggling so many things, chances are you wont be able to focus on your projects as thoroughly as if you were just working through one thing at a time. Sometimes multitasking is unavoidable, but if you’re in a position to choose try to focus on the most urgent thing first and worry about the rest later.

5. Move Your Body
Exercise is such an important part of life and many of us simply do not make it a priority. All areas of your health can suffer when you’re not moving your body enough, from your mental health through to your physical health. Exercise doesn’t have to be hard, you can focus on something you really enjoy doing. Even a quick power walk on your lunch break can work wonders to help lower your stress levels and ensure you’re feeling your best.

Stress at work is almost inevitable, but with these tips I’m sure you’ll be able to reduce your stress levels, ensuring you’re able to bring your best to your work place.