5 Renowned Leadership Qualities

5 Renowned Leadership Qualities

Leadership is an essential quality of every successful person. Leaders should possess many qualities, such as integrity and charisma. According to Father George Rutler, five qualities make a great leader. These characteristics will help identify the leaders who have what it takes to take an organization to new heights. Here is a list of those five qualities:

1) Integrity – Leaders must be honest and trustworthy. They should have a high moral standard and be committed to doing the right thing.

People follow leaders who they can trust. If a leader can’t be trusted, it won’t be easy to lead others on a journey of success.

Integrity means that someone dares to stand up for their beliefs. They are willing to take risks when necessary because it is important to be an effective leader who people look up to.

2) Self-aware – Leaders need to understand their strengths and weaknesses to not become overconfident or self-conscious about themselves. Their self-awareness should not hinder them from being bold, but it does mean that they have to acknowledge mistakes and listen to different opinions.

People will be more willing to follow a leader who is humble enough and someone who possesses humility, which means having understated confidence in themselves. They do not need recognition from others all the time to feel good about themselves.

3) Insensitive – Leaders need empathy and understanding towards others. They should be able to identify and understand the needs of others for them to meet those demands. Leaders need self-control and emotional intelligence to resist their feelings when it comes down to making difficult decisions.

People want leaders who are sensitive towards what other people feel, especially when looking out for the employees’ interests. This means that one should recognize the situations where people need assistance and give them a helping hand when necessary.

4) Empathetic – A leader needs sensitivity towards others, as well as an understanding of how they may be feeling at any given time. This is necessary to be able to communicate properly with their team.

People can sense when they are being manipulated or coerced, so a leader must empathize with others. They should not only understand the feelings of those around them, but they must also care about what people think and feel. This will help build trust between everyone involved.

5) Compassion – Leaders should have a sense of compassion towards others. They need to be kind, generous and forgiving because it is important for their followers not to feel that they are being judged or bullied by the leader in any way possible.

People will follow leaders who can show them kindness even if these people do not know anyone very well at first glance. Leaders should be willing to show love and compassion towards their team members.

People will turn away from leaders who are not compassionate because they do not care about them enough to feel safe around their boss.
Leaders need the qualities mentioned above to inspire others. As long as one has these qualities suggested by Father George Rutler, one will become a great leader and motivate others.