5 questions to ask before you get your deadbolt lock changed

The security of self and one’s family is a
major issue that requires keen attention. Therefore, installing a deadbolt lock
or a deadlock is one of the most important steps one must take to keep one’s
property safe and secure. If you already have taken this step to install one
and are planning to replace it because of any reason, then here are the top 5
questions you must ask yourself before you decide and choose a better option
for yourself.

1. Why have you decided to change your lock?

Before anything, you must be clear about
the motive as to why you have decided to replace your deadbolt. Many reasons
could lead you to this decision. One of the major and most common ones is that
the keys are lost. If this is the same reason you are considering a replacement,
then you can get another similar one and replace it. However, if there is more
concerning reason, then you must look out for an appropriate deadlock that will
fulfill your purpose.

2. On which door you are considering the change?

The type of door you are dealing with also
plays a key role when you are deciding on what sort of a lock you are looking
for. If you are upgrading your locking system on a glass door, a double
cylinder deadbolt would be a better and more secure option. Similarly, hollow
core doors, which are mostly used indoors, are not meant to hold a heavy lock
which is why a simple locking handle could be used instead of wasting your
money on expensive deadbolts. Moreover, you would also want to mull over,
whether the door is old or new. If the door is old, then before you go for a
high-security lock, check out if that door is strong enough to sustain your
chosen deadlock or not.

3. The deadbolt that you have bought fits the pre-drilled holes in your
door perfectly or not?

To make sure that you have perfect
calculations, you will need to measure, the diameter of the hole, along with
that the size of your door in terms of its length and breadth and the distance
of the borehole. These figures will not only let you choose the ideal lock for
your door, but it will also help you to ease the installations and will
eliminate any difficulties that you may face due to non-standard measurements.
Moreover, every lock has different dimensions so, make sure that you also keep
that in mind while making your purchase.

4. What are your preferences; traditional door lock or advanced smart

Traditional locks are operated through
keys, whereas, smart locks can be worked through your smartphones and
interconnected devices. Electronic locks can prove to be a bit expensive but if
you can afford it and have a back-up for electricity, then there is no safer
option than this. However, if you still prefer the traditional deadbolt, then
you will find many options for it in the market.

5. Do you need professional installation?

There are several reasons as to why calling
a locksmith is a better idea than doing it yourself. Firstly, they will have
all the advanced equipment that will do the job and if you try to take matters
in your hands, you’ll first have to invest in the tools. Secondly, trained and
qualified locksmith service providers like Rochester locksmith can do this work in a matter of minutes,
whereas it can take you hours to complete. Lastly and most importantly, as they
are experienced people, they can get you the best deadbolts that will perfectly
fit your door.

As we conclude, let us
give you a final piece of advice. Keeping your property safe and making it sure
is your responsibility so choose your deadlock wisely. If cost is giving you
concern and you compromise on the quality, then you are putting your more
expensive investment at stake just to save a few bucks. Don’t be penny wise and
pound foolish, be sensible.