4 Ways to Promote Safe Driving

Whether you’re running a construction company or you just have employees out on the road, it should be a top priority to promote safe driving. Accidents are dangerous and expensive. It’s important to show to your employees that their superiors value being safe on the road and taking extra precautions to ensure that. You can’t ensure those around your employees will be safe drivers, but you can put time and energy into accountability on your team. 

Hold Employees Accountable

As managers and executives, you can do some things to encourage your employees to develop safe habits and keep them accountable. The more drivers that develop safe driving habits, the more safe the roads will be. If you have employees who are out driving every day, then they will be far better on the job if you have a company standard. 

In addition to keeping your employees safe, it can save you on serious expenses from car accidents and increased insurance rates. The safer your employees are on the roads, the safe your assets will be. Find 5 ways to promote safe driving in your company below: 

Check Driving History

Performing a thorough background check on your employees can prove to be quite helpful. Look for employees that have experience driving company vehicles for work and have a clean driving record. You can try to motivate your employees to have certified driving skills or clean records with incentives. 

Promote Safe Tips 

Having a checklist of some of the basic vehicle safety precautions handy can be useful in reminding employees of what they are supposed to be doing. You could frequently have safety meetings with your employees or you could keep a copy of the checklist in each vehicle dashboard. This list could include: 

  • Follow weather updates
  • Use E-brakes when parked
  • Avoid drowsy driving
  • Wear seatbelts 
  • No alcohol and drug consumption
  • Take breaks when needed
  • Follow the 3- to 4-second rule

Set Goals

Having clear goals and open communication with your employees will help set the standard and help employees to know what is expected of them. The clearer your communication is to your employees/ drivers the more likely they will be to achieve the goals you set in place. Create a way to measure if the goals are hit or missed. If you are involved in the day-to-day work, you’ll be able to see what needs fixing and what doesn’t and go from there to set the right kind of goals for your team. With the right goals, you’ll be able to make needed changes and get the results you want. 


If you promote safe driving to your employees, you will build a safe workforce that will end up helping you to save and keep your employees safe. Through constant awareness, you can create the safe work culture that you desire for your company. If you rent your trucks for your company, you may want to take a look at this guide to avoid damage to truck rentals. With a little bit of work, you can have safe employees on the roads.