4 Interesting facts about renting a Property in Marylebone

London is filled with small and large boroughs that make the non-residents crave to live in this magical city. It is the biggest city in the United Kingdom, with the mighty river Thames flowing along the region. Amongst the many other boroughs in the UK that attract people for various reasons, Marylebone is a luxurious residential area situated in the Western part of London. This town can easily be differentiated from others for its thriving greenery, colourful lanes and independent markets along the streets. Marylebone is the best place for food lovers to live for the varied cuisines and restaurants the town offers to ensure a great dining experience. Cafes along the town’s pavements are the favourite hotspot to relish the best coffees and hot drinks. Finding properties to rent in Marylebone is considerably easy for abundance in Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian homes, modern apartments and detached homes. The striking architecture of the buildings in Marylebone is an added charm to this county.

Living in Marylebone is exciting and peaceful altogether. This region of London gives out the mix of the calm countryside and a vibrant urban town. Getting hold of the best properties can be done with the help ofBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kay & Co estate agents in London. Most of the A-listers prefer living in Marylebone for various reasons. Property owners are essentially affluent investors occupying their homes or letting them for other people for rentals. Renting is the most preferred option than buying a property in Marylebone for its heavy price tag. Compared to buying a property, especially in Marylebone, renting is considered the best option for many reasons.


Though Marylebone is known for the extravagant lifestyle and high property prices, the rental rates are affordable and lesser than the homes in other parts of London. The expansion of the property market at Marylebone has also observed a fall in rental prices in the last year. That is one of the reasons to opt for renting homes at Marylebone right now. Beautiful townhouses, compact flats, and detached houses can be picked, keeping in mind the budget constraints. Simultaneously, there are also expensive and comfortable homes for people who have no budget limits and love to invest in a stunning place like Marylebone.


The attractive and serene green spaces throughout the town are something that anybody would love. The city’s famous parks- Hyde Park, St. James Park, are a walk away from Marylebone. This town reflects a villagey feel and ambience, making it a suitable and desirable place to live. The calm neighbourhoods in Marylebone are the best place to experience and live a private life. Although, there are places with busy streets with a vibrant nightlife. It gives a balanced lifestyle to its residents.


Marylebone is well-connected with all parts of London. Those wishing to live near London but stay away from the busy and crowded streets can move to Marylebone and live a quiet yet enjoyable life. Marylebone has got its own station from which people can travel to different parts of the country. Also, the popular tube stations like Baker Street, Regent’s Park, Bond Street, Great Portland Street, Oxford Circus are nearby.


The residents of Marylebone can easily get satisfied with this county for the availability of almost everything. Mouth-watering restaurants, gastropubs, cocktail bars, coffee shops, farmers’ markets, and tall-standing independent shops are always busy and filled with people. Festive events like live music, concerts, art and crafts workshops, and many other activities are regulars. Families with children moving into Marylebone can enjoy the perks like plenty of private and public schools, a large playground for children with an adjacent sports area for adults, stylish boutiques and what not!