4 Creative Online Marketing Strategies for 2020

There is no doubt that online marketing is where most businesses need to focus on when it comes to customer acquisition and lead generation. When a consumer is looking to buy something what do they do?

They open up Google on their phone or computer and start searching. But, since they are connected to social media 24/7, that makes it a potential goldmine for businesses to put their offer in front of a huge audience, which can then cause those people to look into their offerings by visiting their website.

Here are four social media focused strategies that can help your business thrive in 2020. Consider giving them a try and seeing what kind of results they generate for you.

Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned contest? It’s amazing how much attention you can command simply by mentioning a contest. People don’t even care about the actual prize, as it can be something very simple like a free product or something like a set of Apple Airpods.

They love the thrill and the chance of winning. This is why you see so many posts on Instagram, for example, that are contests asking people to leave a comment and then tag some friends.

This improves their engagement, increases their following, and introduces more people to their business. The cost vs the reward cannot be beat.

Facebook “Check-In” Discounts

A friend’s recommendation is the most powerful you can receive. So, when someone checks into your business on Facebook it exposes your company to their entire audience.

For example, when a young woman with a large social media following goes to have a procedure like nose fillers, her followers (which are likely to be a lot of other young women that might be interested in the same thing) see that she is there and they automatically connect with that business.

A sign offering a small discount for checking in on Facebook can deliver amazing branding and marketing results. You will find most will be more than willing to do it to save some money.

Create a Branded Hashtag Campaign

With so many businesses marketing on social media these days you need to find ways to create content that stands out. One of the best forms of social media content is user generated content.

A company like Monos needs to stand out, as the luggage industry is crowded with many competing brands going all-in on social media. So, by creating a branded hashtag and asking customers to use it when they post pictures with your product on social media it allows you to easily find them and re-post them.

Content that features actual customers using your product will perform much better than content that looks staged and like all other ads.

Show Your Team’s Personality on TikTok

One of the fastest growing social networks is TikTok and while it’s audience is younger, more and more are starting to use it to discover funny video clips and also participate.

Think about a company that has a lot of team members, like National Pool Fences for example. They have an entire team of employees on the job site. A funny video of them participating in the latest dance or TikTok hashtag challenge could potentially go viral, giving the company massive exposure.

It takes just seconds, and it’s an easy and creative way to help build a following.

You don’t need expensive production equipment. The great thing about social media content is that it can be created in real time, just with a mobile phone.

Consumers connect better with companies that show a personality. You can do little fun videos and mini interviews with team members, or even with customers. Creating content that shows a personality will make your business more appealing.