3 Tips for Maintaining a Comfortable Office Temperature Year Round

If you live somewhere that has considerable seasonal variation, especially in the temperature, it may be quite the challenge to keep your office at the right temperature. Too hot, and you’ll quickly feel sleepy and unproductive. Too cold, and you’ll be too distracted by shivering and your cold fingers to be as productive as you could be. The first thing you’ll need to decide on is what is the ideal office temperature? The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does have guidelines that say temperatures between 68 and 76F are the ideal working temperatures, so you should aim for somewhere in that range. Keep reading my top 3 tips for maintaining a comfortable office temperature year round.

Invest in Technology
If you don’t have a smart thermostat, then now may be the time to invest in one. It can mean that you can control your office temperature from your phone, set up programs so it turns off when you’re leaving the office and just ensure that you’re making the most of your heating and cooling. If you live somewhere where much of the winter months are below freezing, you may want to invest in Heatline.com so that you can feel confident your water pipes will survive the winter. Heating and cooling your office can be quite expensive, so investing in a smart thermostat that helps you program things and minimize your electricity bill can save you hundreds or even thousands in costs over the year. 

Talk To Your Employees
It’s important to get feedback from your employees about how comfortable they feel in your current office temperatures. Getting this feedback will allow you to find an ideal temperature that works best for them and will hopefully help them be more productive. It’s generally impossible to find a temperature that everyone loves, but if you can find something that works for the majority of your staff then you can justify this temperature to the others in this way.

Follow the SeasonsOne of the biggest challenges many companies face is keeping their offices warm in the thick of winter. It’s important to understand that the heating will be used a lot more during the cooler months while the HVAC or Aircon will be used more in summer. This will mean that your electricity bills are likely to vary a lot considering the season. One way you can get around this, and ensure your staff are comfortable, is by considering a shift with the working hours. It may make sense to start an hour later during the thick of winter, so that people have more time to arrive and get comfortable before starting work. This can help minimize your heating bill and ensure your staff are working their best. Want to learn more about effective cooling options? Check out this website to learn more.

Hopefully these three tips for maintaining a comfortable office temperature year round are helpful for you. If you’re having noise issues in your office, check out the best sound decibel meter for some tools that can help you measure and quantify the sound issues.