3 Tips for Finding a Good Work Life Balance

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a business owner, is finding a good work life balance. There are so many things to juggle that it can almost feel impossible to find a way to fit it all in. Depending on your personality style, this may mean that your work, relationships or self care are compromised. If you’re looking to make sure that 2022 is the year you establish a better work life balance, keep reading to learn more tips about how you can make this possible.

1. Schedule in Self Care

Self care is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? To me, self care is whatever is the thing that makes me feel good. The things that energize me, speak to my soul and fill my cup. It means that I’m putting myself first and making sure my own needs are met, so that I can continue to be the best version of myself for those I love. The type of self care you should do will depend so much on what you need most in your life. It may involve visiting a diabetic foot clinic to have your feet taken care of, or investing in a new crossbow scope so you can spend your free time exploring your new hobbies. Make a time each week in your calendar that’s reserved for something you love to do.

2. Learn to Say No
Unfortunately setting boundaries is one of the most important aspects of having a good work life balance. I say unfortunately, because for many of us saying no feels extremely uncomfortable. But if we keep saying yes to tasks that we are given, we can find ourselves with too many things to do and no time to get any of it done. If you’re not used to saying no when asked things you’re unable to do, it may be very difficult for you to answer. You may feel the need to compile lists of reasons why it’s not right for you, or you may just find it easier to say yes and deal with the stress of trying to fit it in. Rather than making long excuses, just simply say “I can’t.” You may be surprised by how effective that small phrase is at making it clear you’re unavailable for something.

3. Tune Out
If you’re like most people on the planet, you have a smart phone and it’s always with you. Your notifications are on, and you can be accessed by almost any one at any time. This is extremely distracting, and can impact how effectively we work. If you’re spending a lot of time on your phone, particularly on social media, then there’s a good chance you’re spending more time working to make up for this lost productivity. I’ve recently started the habit of putting my phone on Airplane mode while I work, so I can truly focus on my wor. I work in sprints, which allows me to get a lot done in a short period of time, and then afterwards I rest doing the things I would rather do. Taking time each day to tune out of social media and the news, and to lean into your work and responsibilities will help you become more efficient so you can have more free time. Looking to update your home? Click here to learn more about some wonderful furniture pieces you can invest in.

Finding a good work life balance is a constant struggle. Hopefully these tips inspire you to find a way to feel happier about your life.