3 Reasons to Get a Data Analyst Degree

Becoming a data analyst may not be the first thing that springs to mind when considering a rewarding and fascinating job. In fact, it may not be a career or job title that many people are familiar with at all. However, there are many advantages to working as a data analyst, and it could actually be the ideal career for you.

However, before you can start working in this career, you’ll need a degree in the subject. So here are some of the reasons to sign up for this course and to enjoy the benefits that it will bring you.

Good Pay

If you want to get into a career that pays well and that you’ll enjoy, an Excelsior College graduate certificate in data analytics is the answer. Although the work might be hard, you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. With one to two years of experience under your belt, you can expect to earn about $106,000 per year. This will increase to approximately $140,000 if you reach the management level.

The pay of any profession should never be the main motivation for choosing it – if you do this, you might find you hate the work and are generally miserable, which is never work any amount of money. However, with data analytics, you can both enjoy the job and the money that comes with it. 

This could be reason alone to take a data analyst degree, but there are more reasons besides this.

Lots Of Job Opportunities

It would be a pity if you had the qualifications to be a data analyst after studying for your degree and then found yourself unable to progress in your career because there were no jobs available. Fortunately, this is not the case; since there are so few people who are qualified in this area, there are lots of job opportunities to choose from.

Once you have your data analyst credentials, you’ll be able to find the ideal job for you no matter where you want to work in the world, what industry you want to work in, or how flexible you want your career to be. So, you basically get to choose the precise career you want, which is very uncommon and is a great reason to pick this specific kind of work.

Flexibility To Work in Any Sector

As a data analytics expert with the certificate to prove it, you are generally not restricted to working in a certain sector, which could be a big benefit. Data analytics helps every sector, including finance, healthcare, retail, logistics, and human resource management. In these and many other areas of work, data analytics experts are in great demand.

Effectively, this means that, once you have your qualification in data analysis, you can work in the sector that interests you the most. For example, you might love the idea of working in a school because you’re interested in education, but you know that teaching isn’t for you. In that case, become a data analysis and work in education differently. Or perhaps helping sick people is a passion, but nursing isn’t. In that case, take a course in data analysis and make your dreams come true.