3 Fun Work Christmas Party Ideas

For many people, the work Christmas party is the highlight of their working year. It’s when they get to be social with their colleagues, ‘on the house.’ It can be a great way to build better relationships between your employees, to let off some steam, and to farewell the year that’s been. If you’re in charge of planning this year’s Christmas party and you’re looking for some interesting ideas, keep reading to get inspired. 

An Adventurous Activity
I love choosing an adventurous activity to do as part of the Christmas party, as taking people outside of their comfort zone is a great way to accelerate bonding. It’s also the perfect excuse to try something new that you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t got around to yet. Whether you start searching for the best ax throwing places near me, or make a list of all the unusual things you’d like to do, an adventurous activity is almost always a winner. What you can do will depend a bit on the climate. Is it cold where you live in November and December? Then you might want to focus on inside activities or outside activities like skiing or snowboarding. This can be something that’s worth questioning your employees over to see what they’d like to do most.

A Murder Mystery Party
I’m a big fan of dressing up – it adds an extra element to a party when people can let loose a little by concealing who they are a bit. Murder mystery parties are really fun because you can go all out with everything, such as having food that is on theme, right through to the game play throughout the night. The most important part is choosing a murder mystery set that sounds exciting to you. I personally like to browse on Amazon, reading all the reviews to find the best option in my price point. This can be a really great option for a smaller, more intimate work Christmas party.

A Raffle
If your company’s budget is a little more modest this year and you’ll not be able to buy each and every employee a gift, don’t fret. A raffle can be a really fun way to distribute prizes and gifts without spending as much as you would if you bought for everyone. You can add in a wide range of gifts, including something from Oliveworldco.com, through to restaurant vouchers, alcohol and even gift cards for popular stores like Amazon. You can combine the raffle with an event that everyone will attend, such as a work dinner, to ensure everyone gets to celebrate the end of year together. 

Planning a work Christmas party can be a lot of fun, but reservations fill up fast for the end of the year. It might be worthwhile hashing out the details of what you’d like to do now, so you can be sure to secure your perfect venue. Looking to take your business to the next level? Check out BluRoot zoho SMS integration and how it can benefit your business.