3 Essentials for Your Company’s Website

Online presence is everything. Often it’s how customers find out about you, your services, and how they can best get in touch. Ensuring that you have a website that is intuitive to use, loads fast and covers all these 5 essentials is critical to ensuring your customers have a good experience when on your site. You might not understand why a blog is necessary for almost every business website, regardless of your industry. Or what contact information you need to ensure that your customers have easy access to you. Keep reading to learn more about the top 3 essentials for your company’s website:

A Blog
It may be hard to understand why a blog would be necessary on your website, especially if it’s just a business site and isn’t a blog. But the truth is a blog is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your site. You’re going to need to do some keyword research to see what kind of questions your clients are searching for, so you can answer those very questions in a series of blog posts. This will help make you and your company appear to be an authority in your industry, which can help clients feel more confident in spending their money with you. If you’re not very familiar with best SEO practices, it may be worth working with a company like Rex Originals to help make that easier for you.

Contact Information
You will want to have a clear contact tab, ideally at the top of your page that is easy to find and navigate. If you operate in physical locations, you’ll want to include those locations, a map, opening hours and you can even have a clickable Google Maps pin to help your customers find you more easily. You want to make things as easy as possible. How do you want your clients to interact with you? Through Facebook, the phone, or even by email or contact form? Whichever of these options you’re open to, make it easy for your customers to see exactly how they can get in touch. Whether your company specializes in Sludge reduction, or sells ice cream, this will be one the most important pages on your website, so it needs to be easy to use.

Good Images
No matter what industry you’re in, images are key and good quality images help make a buyer feel more confident about what services you’re offering. It can be smart as well to invest in good quality video footage. There are a number of industries where having this additional imagery will help put your business above the rest. I personally love when Airbnbs I rent offer video footage, produced on a Dji Mavic 3, of the location, as well as any facilities of the home. Think about how you can maximize imagery for your business to provide that little bit more that will keep your customers enticed. 

Your website is likely where many of your clients get their first impression. Ensure it’s a good one by focusing on these three key essentials for your company’s website.