3 Easy Markets For Tanning Lotion

Marketing in a sense can seem difficult until you find your target market. A target market is the market in which you’re trying to sell your product. You’re trying to attract and contact your potential customers and those most likely to purchase your product, so any money spent on marketing to the wrong people is avoided. Here, we’ll talk about three of the easiest markets for marketing tanning lotion and how Jwoww tanning lotion in particular has shown this in their own marketing.

1.      Beach goers and vacationers. 

It’s a growing trend that vacationers are starting off their vacation by getting a tan so they can have one the entire vacation and not only at the end. Because of this, it would be wise to promote tanning lotion on vacation and travel sites, so people can buy your product and see it at the same time they’re planning their trip.

2.      Body builders. 

These competitors are trying to make their bodies look as appealing as possible. Because of this, they require a tan. If you’ve noticed, almost every VASA gym has a Beaches tanning right next to it. A good way to promote online would be at gym sites and social media accounts that are specialized in fitness or wellness. Usually these ads aren’t incredibly expensive but still get a lot of exposure.

3.      Ballroom dancers. 

Although this might come as a shock, ballroom dancers are required to have a tan at most competitions, or they won’t do well. It’s close to the same reason as the body builders I previously mentioned. But because most of the large pockets of ballroom dancers are from northern European countries and Russia where there’s not a lot of natural sunlight, they’re required to use indoor tanning lotion. This is where product quality matters. If the quality of the product isn’t good, then dancers won’t share what worked for them with other dancers. But if someone’s tan looks good while competing, all of their competitors are going to want to know where they can find that product. It also helps to get their coaches on board. If you can have coaches and sponsors recommend different products, then it’s almost guaranteed that the students and competitors will be looking for those products in the future.

Hopefully these three have helped in some way. I wish you the best of luck in your future marketing endeavors.