3 Business Tasks You Shouldn’t Try to do Yourself

No matter your industry, expertise, or experience, there are three business tasks across the board almost every business owner should avoid doing themselves. That’s due to either the sheer amount of time and work associated with making that task happen, or because someone else can do a substantially better job. The first thing that comes to mind that should always be outsourced when possible, is bookkeeping services. It’s one of those interesting situations though while you’ll be spending for this service, you’ll actually probably wind up saving money if you outsource it. Likewise, if you’re looking to transport any large items or a number of people, then it is worth investing in commercial transport solutions to help make this happen for you. Finally, if you’re booking any flights for you or your employees, then it may be worthwhile using a specialized software to track the prices and to monitor if there are any savings you could pick up on. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to learn all about my top 3 business tasks you shouldn’t try to do yourself.

1. Bookkeeping
This is probably, hands down, my least favorite part of being a business owner. I find it near impossible to keep on top of all my receipts, expenses and income for my business. Having a meticulous and thorough bookkeeper that you trust is worth their weight in gold. I suggest spending as much as you can justify on a bookkeeper and being intentional about choosing someone with ample experience, ideally already in your industry or one similar to yours. This will mean that they have had exposure to industry specific tricks that can be utilized to help reduce your overall tax bill. These legal loopholes can be a great way to lower your bill and ensure you have more money in your pocket. You can learn more about how this could help your business, by reading along here.

2. Commercial Transport Systems
Whether you’re requiring freight solutions, or air charter, trying to arrange these logistics yourself can be extremely stressful, time consuming and can result in missing client deadlines. For this reason it’s worth working with a commercial transport system expert who can help streamline the entire process. Momentum Solutions offer a range of transport based services to match many budgets and transport needs. You can work with them with confidence knowing they have decades of experience behind them. Unless you’re opening your own transport service, in my experience it is better to leave this specialized work up to the experts as there are just too many ways in which things can go wrong.

3. Price Matching
When you’re buying a few plane tickets a year, you might not realize how much money you can save by monitoring the prices and price matching. Some airlines will allow you to change the flight for the lower price, allowing you to essentially earn cash back on the same flight. This can be quite labor intensive if you try to do it manually, so employing some software to make it easier can be a game changer. Planeahead.co allows you to effortlessly monitor any price adjustments and can even handle the price changes for you, allowing you to reap all the benefits with zero time invested, which is perfect especially if you’re managing all the flight purchases for a large company. 

Instead of trying to focus your time on these specialized tasks that are better left to the experts, you can focus on ways to grow your business and help it flourish even more.