2020 is a Good Year for Startups.

The economy in 2019 has been strong and steady, with gains in pay raises across the board for blue collar and white collar workers alike. The Stock Market is as crazy as always, but it, too, has been steadily climbing, so that most stocks and bonds are worth more today than they were a year ago. And most economic experts say the wave of prosperity will last until at least this coming November, when the new president is elected — that always marks a drop in the economy. So, all in all, now is the time to create that startup you’ve been dreaming about.

Here’s a few brief tips about how to begin.

Don’t mortgage your home.

The one thing that is not so hot in the current economy is home prices — they are skyrocketing everywhere. So your home needs to stay safe — if only as collateral for seed money.

Don’t start until February.

Virtually every successful entrepreneur warns against January startups. Everyone is still recovering from the holidays, money is tight, and optimism is at its lowest point in the year. In February people begin to hope and dream again — and that’s the environment a new startup needs to born in.

Stop reading these self-help blogs and GO TO WORK.

Don’t worry about the first step being the longest — just take it already!